6 Pet-friendly Campsites Near Metro Manila

camping with dogs on pet-friendly campsites

Camping with pets is one of the most fantastic experiences in the world. And one that needs not to stress you out. After all, pets need to de-stress like you. Not to mention you’ll get ~unlimited~ snuggles if you take them with you on a camping trip.

However, pet owners are constantly bombarded with this concern: where to camp. Here are some of the pet-friendly campsites near the metro.

Pet-friendly campgrounds near Metro Manila

1) WK Forest Reserve & Campgrounds

WK Forest Reserve earns a reputation as an astrophotography campground. The place is secluded enough to commune with nature all you want. 

Nonetheless, it is a perfect site for campers with dogs, cats, or other pets–it has open and forest campgrounds where they can explore freely. Some parts of the grounds are covered with thick carabao grass where dogs can roll around and play. At the base of the hill is a stream where they can swim and do other water activities.

2) Tanay EPIC PARC Rainforest Camp

EPIC PARC stands for Ecological Playground Integrated Commune for Prayer, Adventure, Recreation, and Culture. The 200-hectare rainforest is known for its breathtaking views and diverse landscapes. The campground also has mountainous slopes where campers can take a walk, jog, or race during the day. But, of course, they can do so with their beloved four-legged friends.

While the campground features several trails intended for hiking with pets, they may be too steep, rugged, and muddy for your dogs. So instead, you can go around the multipurpose halls such as Barker’s Sports and Adelaida halls. These areas are specifically designed for sporting and cultural activities, respectively. Additionally, the Amphitheater is open air, which means it is a place where you can keep the doggos busy for a little while. You can do fetch, hide and seek, and agility training, for instance.

3) Camp Morri

Camp Morri is an exclusive camping site in Antipolo. Yes, you may reserve the campground all to yourself—and your pet, of course. The campground is so vast it will be purrfect. However, the ground is also surrounded by lush greenery. In one part, there is a shallow stream where you and your pets can paddle for a bit. Indeed, it lives its mantra, ‘live is good in the woods.’

The best part of camping at Camp Morri with your pets is that tents can be scattered on the ground. There are also kubos for rental, and they are not so close to one another. Thus, pet sounds will not distract other campers if you book a non-exclusive camp, especially for first-time campers who want to savor the experience.

4) Tanay Highlands

Tanay Highlands is an integrated campsite with a restaurant and cafe. And the good news for fur parents is that they can take their doggos anywhere inside the compound. The campground actually encourages pet owners to bring their pets to help relax their dogs or cats. There are wooden tables and benches at the al fresco cafe. It doubles as an expansive viewing deck with unobstructed mountain range views.

Some parts of Tanay Highlands are elevated. In the upper ground of the compound, there are well-maintained grass areas where the owners may pose, walk, and play around with their pets. It will definitely be a fulfilling experience with your fur babies. 

5) Kaliraya Surf Kamp

Located in Cavinti, Laguna, Kaliraya Surf Kamp offers a lakefront campaign experience. There are private houses, cottages, and camping tents for rent, though you can bring your own. The campsite also provides bunker cabins if you prefer to sleep here.

The vast and open lakefront campgrounds allow bringing your pets to camp. They would not feel limited in terms of moving and playing around. You may also take them swimming in the lake, or if you are feeling adventurous, you may do kayaking and windsurfing together. Whatever floats your boat, so they say.

6) WCamp 

Now that we are getting away from Metro Manila but still within the 2 to 3 hours drive, another pet-friendly campsite is WCamp. Located in Porac, Pampanga, near SandBox, in particular, WCamp offers activated spaces for outdoor activities apart from camping. You can do biking, ATV riding, off-road riding, and more.

Further, WCamp encourages campers to bring their pets, especially their doggos, to de-stress and commune with nature. The campgrounds stand on flat terrain, so do not be afraid to bring your pet’s favorite games to play, particularly those that encourage you two to run around. 

Having a pet that you cannot afford to leave home alone and going on an overnight camping trip over the weekend should not be compromised. So these are your options if you want to go camping with your dear furbabies. You will surely enjoy your moments here. The best part is these are near Metro Manila, so you can head back quickly and rest for the rest of the day.

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