Experience These Famous Biking Routes and Loops in Antipolo

biking routes and biking loops in antipolo city

When it comes to biking, Antipolo City is a priority biking destination:

  • It is near Metro Manila. It only takes about two to three hours to reach the city center, which is the Antipolo Cathedral.
  • Antipolo City has many biking routes and trails. So there is a route for you, whether you are a beginner or a professional.
  • There are many bike stops in the city, where you may stop for a few minutes for a quick meal or coffee break.

Speaking of biking routes, here are some must-try cycling routes to and fro the city.

Biking routes and loops in Antipolo City

1) Ortigas ➤ Antipolo Cathedral ➤ Teresa ➤ Ortigas

Rider Category: Intermediate

Surface: Mostly well-paved

Length: 54.7 miles

The meeting point is Shellibee, a portmanteau of Shell and Jollibee, on Ortigas Avenue. Bikers need to travel from the train station to Masinag to Valley Golf and Country Club on Sumulong Highway. 

About half kilometers from the neighborhood gate, you will see the overlooking, a pit stop to bask in the sunshine quite literally. Of course, that is if your ride starts at dawn. 

About a mile from here, your next stop is Ahon Coffee, a minimalist java joint. Bikers typically stop and mingle with other bikers here. 

Another highlight of the ride is the Antipolo Cathedral. From there, bikers need to proceed to Teresa. At the 30-mile mark, you will have another stop at Pisong Kape in Pililla, Rizal, another usual cyclist pitstop. 

You will head back, passing through Tanay, Morong, Teresa, Antipolo, and Cainta. Ortigas train station is the final destination.

Some segments may require carrying your bike due to steps and up and down trails.

2) Ortigas ➤ Boso-boso ➤ Pinugay ➤ Shellibee

Rider Category: Intermediate

Surface: Mostly well-paved

Length: 46.3 miles

Bikers meet and start at the Mural in Ortigas. From there, bikers travel towards Cubao through the “Mitsuha” Road. It is in Temple Drive in Pasig City, Green Meadows Avenue, and Cubao Farmers. 

Next is riding along Marcos Highway to Boso-Boso Shell station. This will be an almost-eight-mile ride that passes through Palo Alto. The mini wall cycling climb inside the gated community is a favorite among the bikers. If this is your first time climbing, it is best to observe other cyclists first. The road is paved but going up and down and the downward slope would be too fast for a beginner rider.

After the climb, cyclists may head back to Ortigas, particularly in Shellibee.

Some surfaces are not suitable for biking. In addition, some segments may require carrying your bike due to steps and up and down trails.

3) Shaw Boulevard ➤ Boso-boso ➤ Antipolo Cathedral ➤ Ortigas

Rider Category: Difficult

Surface: Mostly well-paved

Length: 66.2 miles

This biking loop starts in Shellibee as well. Next, bikers head to Cubao, then to Marcos Highway, all the way to Boso-Boso Shell. You will pass through Heaven’s Gate, Cabading Hospital, and Boso-Boso Highlands Resort & Hotel. Finally, you and other bikers must experience the cycling climb at Pinugay Mini Wall from the gas station.

However, you need to head straight to Teresa and Tanay and bike upward to Antipolo Cathedral. Your last leg is the Tikling to Ortigas Extension ride, another four-mile ride.

4) Guadalupe ➤ Antipolo Cathedral ➤ Arco de Emperador

Rider Category: Difficult

Surface: Some unpaved roads

Length: 77.9 miles

Starting from Guadalupe, bikers need to pass through Ortigas Extension and Tikling. The first two cycling highlights are Hinulugang Taktak and Antipolo Cathedral. 

Then, cyclists shall journey over E. Rodriguez Avenue, passing through the ‘Bitukang Manok.’ Or the zigzag road in El Dorado before reaching Teresa. The next pitstop is Pisong Kape.

You need to span the stretch from there, including Pililla, Morong, Teresa, Dela Paz, and Cainta. Arco de Emperador is located in Pasig City.

The last segment before biking towards Guadalupe train station is the BGC-Ortigas Link Kalayaan Bridge.

Like the Ortigas to Shellibee biking loop, some surfaces are unsuitable for biking. In addition, some segments may require carrying your bike due to steps and up and down trails.

5) Dela Rosa ➤ Antipolo Cathedral ➤ Boso-Boso ➤ Shellibee

Rider Category: Difficult

Surface: Some unpaved roads

Length: 65.8 miles

Starting from Dela Rosa train station, this biking route passes through an overlooking spot along Cabrera Road. The first cycling highlight is the Antipolo Cathedral.

Bikers need to cycle from the church to Cogeo and go straight to Boso-Boso Shell and Pinugay Mini Wall in Palo Alto. Then, you need to head back to the gas station. 

Next, bikers must pass through another overlooking spot on Sumulong Highway, going down to Masinag and then to Shellibee in Ortigas and Dela Rosa train station.

Some segments may require carrying your bike because cycling is not permitted in those areas.

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