4 of the Best Road Trip Routes in Cebu

best road trip routes in cebu including simala shrine

Going to Cebu, you need to ride a plane or ferry. However, once you get to the island, there are several ways to explore the Queen City of the South. For instance, you and your friends may embark on a road trip. There are several road trip routes in the city, but here are some top destinations to include in your road trip to South Cebu.

Best road trip routes in Cebu

Simala Shrine ↪ Osmeña Peak ↪ Kawasan Falls

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, or Simala Shrine, is located south of Cebu City. It is a famous pilgrimage site wherein visitors offer prayers to Mama Mary. However, people also go here to appreciate the architectural prowess of the shrine. You need at least a hundred steps to go up the shrine. However, you will see the manicured ground once you reach the top.

Osmeña Peak is the likely second destination. You may leave your car at the entrance. One of the most scenic natural wonders in Cebu, your jump-off point is Badian by the waterfall. From there, you need to climb to Osmeña Peak. It is the highest peak of Cebu at 1,013 meters above sea level. Once you reach the summit, you will be treated with a 360-degree view of the place, including the cascading mountain range. The hike is only 40 minutes long.

When going down, you may head to Kawasan waterfalls. The waters are crystal clear, but you are required to wear a life jacket before dipping into the pool-like falls. There is a dining area here, so you can have your late lunch or merienda here. 

Simala Shrine ↪ Osmeña Peak ↪ Toledo Maze Garden 

Toledo Maze Garden is also known as the Labyrinth Toledo, which you can go to before or after going to Osmeña Peak. The maze garden is beside Capilla Santa Ana Museum, which houses Renaissance paintings, sculptures, and other artworks, including the replica of ‘Pieta’ by Michaelangelo. In addition, there is an antique Steinway piano.  

On the other hand, the maze garden is reminiscent of French and Italian gardens. It follows the European theme of the museum. It is relatively small, though, and only intended for photo ops. If you climb the ladder, you can take a picture of the entire maze garden.

While in Toledo City, you may opt to continue your road trip to any of these destinations:

  • Malubog Lake
  • Biga Pit
  • Saint John of Sahugan Church
  • Ranch Resort

Oslob ↪ Pescador Island or Sumilon Island Sandbar

Alternatively, you may start your road trip from Oslob. Oslob is famous for its whale shark-watching attraction. The experience with these gentle islands is truly one of a kind.

After whale shark watching, you may proceed to Pescador Island, where you can snorkel. You will be treated with colorful corals underneath while mingling with thousands of sardines. Pescador Island is in Moalboal. Or, you may head to the sandbar, where you can swim all you want.

Canyoneering is also a popular combination of whale shark watching. You may jump into canyons and swim in the Kanlaon river.

Oslob ↪ Tumalog Falls ↪ Simala Shrine

From Oslob, you may travel to Tumalog Falls. This stunning waterfall is hidden from the main road. You need to go to the car park and take a habal-habal (motoraxi) ride. Then, of course, you may walk towards the waterfall, which only takes 10 minutes. You will walk on a steep road, though.

Cap your day at Simala Shrine.

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