16-Day Itinerary Italy for first timers

vatican photo sunset italy

Italy is known mainly for the Pope, pasta, pizza, Ferrari, and probably everything beautiful in the world. Armed with a Pacsafe bag (mandatory for European travel), we braved the crowd in Rome and Florence, brisked through a Tuscan town, walked the streets of St. Francis in Assisi, experienced the romantic Venice canals, shopped fashion brands […]

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21-Day Itinerary France – under $2,200 per head

Sometime around August of 2017, me and my partner decided to visit France. We booked the ticket on the same day and off to Paris we go. Our trip was from October 15 to November 5. We had about 21 days to go around and went from Paris to south of France with a side visit to Monaco.

In this post, I will list in detail our itinerary. Within the following days, i will post pictures from each location and write a more detailed post about each location, share with you what we brought with us, problems encountered, etc.

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