The Best Hiking Trails in Negros for Beginners

“And just when my feet start to pulse, my body aches, my legs are tired, I cannot catch my breath, and I am dead tired—I feel the most alive. That is the irony of hiking in the mountains.”


Negros Island is known for many things.

People from all over the world often visit the island to see the pristine and crystal-clear beaches, but some individuals swear by the province’s mountain ranges and scenic waterfalls—both of which can excite seasoned and novice trekkers (especially those who are seeking breathtaking views). A remedy of all sorts for many, hiking is known to relieve stress and anxiety. Plus, it is an excellent exercise activity to do right after a rather big and heavy meal.

Needless to say, hiking comes attached with many tangible benefits, which hikers stand to gain, especially after a difficult trail. However, beginners need not fret as they are not left out. Below is a list of hiking trails in Negros Island that beginners and advanced hikers can easily accomplish. Take caution, though, as the journey might be a little tiring, but the spectacular and stunning views at the top will make the rather exhausting hike very much worth it. In some of the best trails of Negros Island’s summits, you can witness panoramic sights to tall waterfalls. That said, put on your trekking shoes, get ready with breathing exercises, and take a gander at the list below for some of the best hiking trails in Negros for beginners:

1.) Mayana Peak

Located in San Carlos City, Mayana’s Peak is a trail one can easily accomplish as if it is a simple walk in the park. The trek is easy as the steps to the peak are well-established. What makes this mountain trail even more exciting is that you can catch the scenic sunrise on the top. Just be sure to start your trek early in the morning to avoid the gathering crowd by midday.

To get to Mayana Peak, simply take a Ceres Bus to San Carlos (via Don Salvador). Ask the conductor to drop you off at Mayana Peak’s junction and from there, take a motorcycle going to the entrance of the peak. You will know you have arrived at your destination once you see the registration area and the starting point of the hike,

2.) Pinayun-an Peak

If you wish to be captivated by a sea of clouds, there is no need to fly out to Manila and visit Mount Pulag. Negros Island has its very own version of this magical sight, which you can witness at Pinayun-an Peak, located in Mabinay, Negros Oriental. As Pinayun-An Peak is an easy trail, newbies can easily finish it within a day and visit simply for a day hike. However, if you wish to stay longer, there is a place where you can pitch your tents and stay overnight. By nightfall, billions of stars will appear unfiltered before your eyes, making it one of the most spectacular sights you will ever witness.

Get to Pinayun-an Peak by taking the bus to Dumaguete via Mabinay. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Mabinay’s bus terminal and find a motorcycle driver that will drop you off at Pinayun-an Peak’s jump-off point.

3.) Malatan-og Falls

Adventurers and intrepid hikers who are looking for activities to do after a hike will love a trip to Malatan-og Falls. Once you have had your fill of the rewarding view that is the highest waterfall on Negros Island, you can cool down by taking a dip in its waters. The hike lasts roughly thirty minutes, making it especially easy for beginners. However, it is only available for a day hike, and a tour guide is required for all hikers, whether professional or novice.

Getting to Malatan-og Falls requires you to hop on a bus going to San Carlos via Don Salvador. Just get off the Malatan-og Falls jump-off point in Don Salvador Benedicto and proceed to pay the necessary fees at the entrance before commencing your hike.

4.) Mount Mandalagan

Hailed as a piece of heaven on earth, Mount Mandalagan is also known as “Tinagong Dagat,” or hidden sea. This is because the terrain becomes a lagoon during the rainy season. On your hike to the campsite, you can witness lush and verdant sceneries plus a bamboo water system made by the locals. On colder days, the top of the mountain is typically enveloped by fog which would compel you to wear layers upon layers of clothing. Keep in mind that the trail’s difficulty might be a little challenging for first-time hikers, so it is advised to get a guide.

To get to Mount Manadalagan, take a bus going to Victorias and get off at the Silay-Patag Terminal. From there, board a Silay-Patag Bus and ask the driver to drop you off at Patag Hospital. Once you arrive at the hospital, you can proceed to the hospital’s entrance and pay the necessary fees for the tour guide you need for the trek.

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