Outdoor Gears 101: Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Camping/Hiking Gear

For an enthusiastic individual discovering his passion for the outdoors, there is nothing more exciting than building up a camping gear collection. 

From choosing the right Tent to deciding which sleeping bag to buy, shopping for camping/hiking gear and equipment can be thrilling activities that get you pumped up for the actual activity itself. Indeed, some individuals may find that scouring online shops for new gear inventions or physically visiting shops for new equipment can just be as fun as the excursions themselves. However, with so many great options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. As a result, you would not know where to invest and where you should save. This is especially true if you are acquiring all of your gear at once. 

Before you choose from Decathlon Camping Gears or other brand-name outdoor equipment, it is imperative that you know how to make sound and smart decisions. To help you, check out the list below to know which equipment and gears you should splurge on and which ones you can safely save a few pesos on. In this way, you can still build a collection of reliable camping equipment without going over your budget. 


a.) Tent 

It goes without saying that having a proper and quality tent is paramount. More often than not, the type of Tent you have determines whether your camping excursion would be a success or failure. That said, look for a tent that is built to last for many future trips. Some of the features you would want to look out for in an ideal tent are leak-proof flaps, heavy-duty zippers, and good ventilation. Also, you may want to consider tents that can be set up fast just in case you arrive at your campsites a little after dark. 

Before deciding on a purchase, be sure to hang out inside your Tent and get a feel of how comfortable you are in it. Things such as headroom and living space should be taken into account. All that said, be sure that you actually want to use and enjoy spending time inside your investment. 

b.) Sleeping Bag 

Next to your Tent, your sleeping bag is easily the most crucial piece of gear you will ever purchase. This is especially true if you intend on going on a 3-4 season camping. That said, take time to research some sleeping bags so that you can make an informed decision on which brand to buy based on your needs. You also need to make sure that the bag you choose is appropriately rated for the kind of temperatures you will be sleeping in. 

c.) Solid Shoes 

An immersive camping experience means exploring and hiking beyond your campsite. That said, you cannot go camping with a pair of flip-flops and expect to have an enjoyable time. Make sure you wear sturdy, comfortable boots or shoes, and if you wish to splurge a bit, invest in a quality pair of insulated boots as these are the epitome of comfort—whether you are making your way to the campsite or lounging in front of the campfire. 

d.) Cooler 

Having a reliable cooler makes all the difference between getting enough sustenance at camp and starving for days. Choose a color that does its job as getting a cheap one may result in disastrous spoiled food. When you are in the market for a cooler, be sure to look for one with proper insulation, an airtight lock or zipper to prevent leaking, and one that is easy to carry and move around. Get a cooler that is durable so that you can use it beyond camping and have it around for picnics, parties, and the like. That considered, coolers are sound investments. 


a.) Cooking gear and stove

While you would want to whip up culinary masterpieces with complex cooking systems designed for the outdoors, having lightweight stoves and inexpensive dishes would be enough. That said, building your camp kitchen can be as simple as having a portable double-burner car camping stove or even a trail stove if you wish to keep it simple. 

b.) Tools and fire-starters 

It is pretty rare for you to need specialty hatchets, saws, and knives. These items can be useful, but only if you are in the backcountry. Simply having a hatchet can already be enough to do the trick around most campfires. Of course, you may need it to chop kindling—even if your campsite provides you with pre-chopped wood. If you find that you have trouble lighting fires, however, you can alternatively try making a homemade fire-starter by dipping cotton balls in petroleum jelly. 

c.) Lighting 

There is no absolute need to buy a fancy camping lamp if you can opt to have a headlamp instead. Headlamps can be used in lieu of camp lights and are an inexpensive way to stay safe and have fun even after dark. Also, it is worth noting that they are very convenient to use because they are entirely hands-free and would make all those late-night bathroom treks a whole lot more convenient and easier. Just be sure that you avoid shining them directly on people’s eyes when you are chatting. Apart from that, headlamps are incredibly versatile. If you wish to have a more social lighting setup, you can simply attach it to a water bottle, and you will now have a makeshift lantern. 


If you are building your collection of camping gear, it is imperative to know where to splurge and where to save. Start with quality and reliable equipment and work your way gradually through your list. 

However, if you are on a budget, you can save money by renting your gear. If you are relatively new to camping and wish to try your hand at the activity, rent gear first, and from there, decide if you want to pursue the activity further. Similarly, opt to rent gear for anything you wish to try out first—such as a paddleboard and the like. This gives you a feel of what the activity is like, and from there on, you can decide whether you wish to continue it and invest in your own gear. Another great way to save is to purchase lightly used equipment. That said, browse online secondhand marketplace websites and look for good deals. 

Remember, buying camping gear does not always have to be expensive. However, there are investments worth making just to ensure that your camping excursions go without a hitch. With the tips above, you can now decide when you can spend your money and when to pinch your pesos that could instead be used for future adventures.  

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