Where to Eat and Where to Go: The Best Restaurants in Antipolo

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is good.”

– Irish Proverb.

Good food takes us on a journey, and eating itself is an experience.

For that reason, food enthusiasts and foodies alike are on a never-ending quest to find the best restaurants, eateries, and cafes a place can offer. However, it is not enough for a restaurant to simply have just good, delectable, and tasty food. If they wish to stand out as a great restaurant, they need to be more.

It has been said that great restaurants do not rely on the quality and taste of their food alone but on the ambiance and overall vibe their restaurant gives their customers as well. After all, there is something about a beautiful scenic landscape or panoramic view accompanying a plate of delicious food. When it comes to having lunch or getting dinner, the view is not always what we have in mind, but rather the food. However, there is something undeniably inspiring about dining in a place where the food is excellent and the view is even better. These are the kinds of places that promise not just a feast for the belly but one for the eyes as well—an unparalleled dining experience, indeed. So, if you ever find yourself up north, make it a point to visit these restaurants in Antipolo. These restaurants have a well-earned reputation for their charming views and even better food.

Visit these restaurants below if you are looking for something that is both a feast for the eyes and your palate:

a.) Burrow Cafe

Most people have this common misconception that restaurants can only have spectacular views only if they are situated on top of skyscrapers, multi-story buildings, or mountains. However, one restaurant in Antipolo proves otherwise. The Burrow Cafe at the famous Antipolo Beehouse is well-known for its rustic decor and understated ambiance. This underground cafe is renowned for both family dinners and romantic dates. Diners who wish to dine in their open-air interior can witness the quaint views of the surrounding verdant greenery complemented by a running stream. While you are having breakfast or dinner, you may just catch a glimpse of the sunset or sunrise at this restaurant.

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b.) Tahanan Bistro

Cozy and homey are two things you can use to describe Tahanan Bistro, a family-run business known for casual fine dining. Their menu is a collection of reinvented classic Filipino dishes that is something that will make the long drive worth it. More importantly, diners get to enjoy verdant views and hilly terrain while they munch on their hearty meals. Indeed, this is one restaurant you should definitely hit up while visiting Antipolo.

c.) Vieux Chalet

A Swiss restaurant conceptualized and operated by the Hassig family, Vieux Chalet encapsulates what the old-world European charm is all about. The restaurant serves plenty of delicious European foods that include an excellent spread of charcuterie boards, a collection of creamy pasta, and sinful desserts. What makes the restaurant so enticing is its unbeatable view: silhouettes of trees and skyscrapers with a gorgeous sunrise and sunset as a backdrop.

d.) Chimney Cafe

Chimney Cafe is a wonderful fusion of good food and fantastic art. ArtSector, a local gallery in Antipolo, houses the modern eater that overlooks views of both the mountains and water. There is something for art lovers as well, considering that plenty of art is hung from the walls for patrons to peruse while they are waiting for their food. Beyond the art, however, the inspiring landscape is awe-inspiring and breathtaking by itself that you may just soon find yourself coming back for the view and staying for the food.

e.) Maura’s Place

A romantic and charming little eatery that promises to charm you and your loved ones, Maura’s Place promises a dining experience that is sure to set the mood. Tucked behind the verdure of Antipolo, the eatery is well-decorated with hanging lamps and claims to have some of the best views for sunsets in Metro Manila—a claim that is well supported! The eatery has unobstructed views, and with clear skies, you are sure to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in this eatery.

f.) Kaulayaw Cafe

Refreshing and leisurely drinks are best consumed while looking at a beautiful sunset, which is precisely what you can do at Kaulayaw Cafe. The cafe has a range of beverages, from coffee to teas, and juices, which are sure to quench your thirst. More importantly, the cafe has unbeatable panoramas that will truly tug at your heartstrings. From the majestic and intricate terrains of the Sierra Madre to the busy but inspiring Manila cityscape, Kaulayaw Cafe has quite a lot to offer its patrons in terms of scenic views.

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