7 Picturesque Places in Antipolo to Take Stunning Photos

antipolo cathedral and other picturesque places in antipolo city

The hustle and bustle of Metro Manila can eventually take its toll on the residents. Yes, the metro is known for its beautiful chaos. But sometimes, we all need a breath of fresh air—this is where Antipolo becomes phenomenal.

From the Antipolo Cathedral to some hidden gems, Antipolo is known for its picturesque places that can take your breath away. And what better way to take the memories with you than by capturing and reliving the moment in time. So enjoy the views and capture them in photos on these Instagrammable places in Antipolo.

Instagram-worthy places in Antipolo

1) Pinto Art Museum

No list of Instragammable places in Antipolo would ever be complete without mentioning Pinto Art Museum. The Spanish-meets-Mediterranean museum features several art galleries accessible by entering distinct doorways—yup, this is where it gets its name—the word door is pinto in Filipino.

Dr. Joven Cuanang started collecting well-curated gallery pieces in 1989. Until today, new artworks are constantly being added. True to its goal of bringing together distinctive creatives, Pinto Art Museum also hosts shows and exhibitions to showcase Filipino art and artists.

Finally, Pinto Art Museum offers an overlooking view of the metro and its lovely interiors.

2) Cloud 9

Speaking of overlooking, there is no place like Cloud 9. The place offers a breathtaking view of Metro Manila, which guests appreciate more during the night when the city is flooded with vibrant lights and colors.

Inside Cloud 9 are essential amenities where to take your pictures. There is a sky bridge, canopied metal walkway, view deck, and the Butuan Caraga Heritage Museum. A swimming pool is also inside if you want to take a quick dip. In addition, you would not get hungry inside Cloud 9 because there is an in-house restaurant with an extensive menu offering.

Cloud 9 is perfect for families and friends. It is also a favorite among young and old couples due to its romantic vibe.

3) Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa

Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa is the right place for taking great photos while chilling and pampering. The expansive garden overlooks the hilly part of Antipolo, Laguna de Bay, and Metro Manila’s skyscrapers.

This spa, known for its wellness services and packages, is everyone’s dream staycation spot. And every nook and cranny screams dreamy. The place is famous for its secret gardens to take prenup and pre-debut photoshoots. The place is indeed a paradise that awaits guests with discerning taste. 

4) Burrow Café

Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. The underground café has a rustic and garden theme vacation house open to guests on the reservation. It offers an al fresco dining experience courtesy of its chef like no other. And the food is as capture-worthy as the organic scene. 

The café has large panel windows opening to the lush greenery outside, where you can take snaps. There are hammocks and garden chairs to use and appreciate the place even more.

Burrow Café is 15 minutes away from Pinto Art Museum. Interestingly, you need to traverse through a narrow, rabbit hole-looking stone staircase since the café is below The Bee House, the actual events place. For first-time visitors, reserving a table a month in advance is best. Yup, that is how long the waiting list is!

5) Café Lupe 

Café Lupe started as a bed and breakfast offering Filipino Mexican fusion. Today, the place is more than just a café, offering a complete staycation package for families and barkadas.

Of course, the place is also perfect for a casual night out by the pool. The site provides live music, pica-pica foods, and drinks anyone can enjoy—dancing and singing while overlooking the vast city.

6) Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery

Crescent Moon Café is a quaint Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant in Antipolo. It is famous for its unique menu, pottery products, and pottery lessons.

Crescent Moon Café boasts its open-air dining area adorned with batik fabrics. The place is so well-put-together, from the wooden tables to the ceramic tableware.

These are not the only stunning areas in the café because there are well-maintained gardens and koi ponds to take selfies. Even the walkways leading to the dining area are so organic you will definitely want a picture taken there!

7) Casa Santa Museum

Enthusiasts specifically gather here during the -ber months. And why not? Casa Santa Museum houses a wide collection of Santa Claus figurines from different parts of the world. Today, it has almost 4,000 figures, along with other Christmas decorations.

Casa Santa Museum may not give you an overlooking view, but it is still an Instagrammable place. In fact, you should never leave the site without taking a picture. It will surely go down as one of your memorable experiences in Antipolo.

These are just seven of the most stunning places in Antipolo that you should visit when you have a chance. While there, do not forget to take plenty of pictures. These will remind you of the people, places, food, stories, and overall happiness you once felt while enjoying everything the place offers.

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