Five Instagrammable Restaurants and Cafes in Antipolo

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places”

-Camille Pissarro.

If there is anything a restaurant should be known for, it should be its quality food.

To make a splash in the dining scene, they need to serve meals made from the freshest ingredients, cooked masterfully, and then beautifully presented and served to their customers. However, in this time and age wherein food often takes center stage on social media posts, it is often not enough to serve delicious quality food. For eateries, restaurants, and cafes to stand out, they need to deliver an experience. Today, these eateries need to provide something beyond just good food if they want visitors to flock and patrons to come back.

With that in mind, more and more restaurateurs are looking into situating their restaurants, eateries, and cafes in scenic locations that offer a bountiful feast for the eyes. After all, there is nothing quite like enjoying a plate of food or a cup of coffee amid an inspiring view. So, if you are raring to pepper your social media feeds with sumptuous food spreads complemented by an eye-catching setting, there is no need to look far. With Antipolo only a couple of hours away, you can update your feed with Antipolo restaurants with visually stunning backdrops and fantastic views of Metro Manila.

Below is a list of the most Instagrammable restaurants, eateries, and cafes in Antipolo. With the perfect snaps, you can give your social media feeds a fresh look, and as they always say, “Come for the food, and stay for the view.”

1.) Luljetta’s Cafe

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is already a pretty famous place in Antipolo, known for its serene and tranquil space surrounded by abundant flora set against the panoramic views of Metro Manila. However, what most people tend to forget is that the Spa shares its space with Luljetta’s Cafe as well as its sweeping views of the metropolis. So, whether you wish to bask yourself in the calming spa atmosphere or have a quick massage stop, be sure not to miss on having a cup of coffee and a plate of suman. If you want a more filling meal, the cafe also serves hearty entrees that include beef salpicao, fish and chips, pork short ribs, caldereta, and so much more. Be sure to book your reservations prior to visiting, as they are required.

2.) Pinto Cafe by Peppermill

Instagram enthusiasts and artsy travelers are sure to fall in love at first sight with Pinto Art Museum as well as its in-house bistro Pinto Cafe by Peppermill. Individuals with a penchant for art can explore Pinto’s sprawling collection of exhibits, and when they are done, they can relax with a cup of coffee in the quaint cafe. The cafe is quite a sight to behold as it wonderfully captures the uninhibited essence of the museum’s entirety. Moreover, it has a touch of the free and creative spirit of the museum. Some of the dishes you can enjoy are Filipino fusion dishes complemented by fresh refreshments on their menu. Diners can just walk right in, as no prior reservations are required.

3.) Crescent Moon Cafe

For a truly extraordinary dining experience that yields fantastic photos, take your camera to Crescent Moon. The cafe is known as a creative space for free spirits, artists, or basically anyone who wishes to indulge their inner bohemian spirit. The cafe is owned by Lanelle Abueva Fernando, an acclaimed pottery artist who has since made Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery the home to shelves and shelves of his masterful creations of beautiful stoneware, which are either for sale or for display. With the cafe’s vibrant colors, it makes for a stunning backdrop for Instagram photoshoots. Once you are done snapping photos, be sure to try the delectable Southeast Asian cuisine served by the lush garden cafe. Indeed, Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery delivers an experience that is quite out of the ordinary, making it an ideal place for a weekend getaway. Be sure to call beforehand and make reservations!

4.) Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen

Diners who have a green thumb will definitely love Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen’s overall dining ambiance. With lush and verdant indoor plants intersected with colorful interiors, this stunning restaurant is an ideal and prime spot for photo ops. More importantly, the restaurant is very well-lit. With its full-length windows, you can be sure that your takes are always perfect. The restaurant serves a wide array of hot and iced coffee as well as other refreshments. To have the complete and whole experience, however, it is recommended that you try some of their entrees. The restaurant’s eight-hour baby back ribs remain a crowd favorite and a menu item that is definitely worth trying.

5.) Chives Bistro and Market

While most of the entries in this list are cafes and restaurants with sprawling or vibrant interiors, Chives Bistro and Market capitalizes on understated elegance and minimalist vibes. Still, it is a visually pleasing spot for meals with family and friends who wish to make the bistro’s minimal and industrial-inspired decor a backdrop for their social media snaps. Beyond the cool interiors, however, the food is definitely worth writing about. The bistro takes great pride in serving delicious Asian-European cuisine using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients. In this way, diners are always offered the perfect bite that tastes just as great as it looks on your social media feed.

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