La Union Itinerary: 6 Things to Do Aside from Surfing

things to do in la union like volunteering at a sea turtle hatchery

La Union, or Elyu, is known for its diverse surfing spots. Nevertheless, there is more to La Union than its surfing destinations.

Things to do in La Union other than surfing

1) Embark on a gastronomic adventure

La Union’s food scene is definitely well-developed. And why not? People go here for the gastronomic delights that the place has to offer. So whether you are looking for healthy or international cuisines, La Union has it. Nonetheless, you should never skip sampling the local La Union treats.

We have prepared a list of where to eat in La Union if you and your friends want to go on a La Union food trip. If you are on a budget, these affordable La Union restaurants are for you.

2) Volunteer in a sea turtle sanctuary

Summers are meant to be fun, but you can always inject more meaning into these experiences. Case in point: volunteering at Project CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions), a sea turtle conservation program. It has a hatchery where turtle eggs are kept and released by locals and volunteers along the shore once the baby turtles are ready.

If you visit Elyu from March to September, you may go to the hatchery or reach out to them through their social media pages first.

3) Pick grapes at the local grapes farm

One will find Gapuz Grapes Farm along MacArthur Highway in Bauang, La Union. This is one of the most famous vineyards peppering the town since the 1970s. It is a family estate where you can learn how to make wine, which is also for sale inside the farm, and interact with the local grape farmers. The grapes farm is open to the public, so admission is free. However, you must pay a minimal fee if you want to take photos inside the premises. Grapes’ harvest season is from March to May, so it is best to arrange your visit first.

4) Visit a Taoist temple

There are several Taoist temples in the Philippines. Still, Ma Cho Temple is the only temple that dedicates itself to Ma Cho, a Chinee deity from the Sung Dynasty. Aside from the collection of stone carvings and spider dome, it overlooks the San Fernando Harbor from the temple. Areas to linger include the Main Hall, Five Door Gate (also called pailou), and the Eight-Sided Pavilion. Admission is free but observe silence and dress appropriately.

5) Appreciate art pieces in an art gallery

In the Bacnotan area, going to Luna, one will find eccentric wooden artworks at Kamay na Bato Art Gallery. The quirky museum houses the works of Vong Kim, a Korean artist. Some of his students’ works are also found inside. There are wooden and stone sculptures and three-dimensional displays. 

6) Ghost hunt at the ruins

La Union is also home to several ruins and their spooky stories. A famous historical tourist destination is the Pindangan Ruins in San Fernando. Pindangan Ruins was once the oldest church in La Union, built by the Spanish priests in 1764 until an earthquake destroyed it. The local government decided not to rebuild it, considering the extent of the damage.

Apparently, you will always have things to do in La Union. Explore the surfing stations first, but remember to discover the other things Elyu offers.

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