Nuan Cafe: An Industrial Haven For Old Souls With A Penchant For Coffee

nuan cafe in pampanga

Tara na sa Nuan Cafe! Mekeni Abe and experience a Nuanderful Coffee & Dining experience.

Kapampangans are known to be the best cooks in the country—an established and accepted fact.

As the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, it should be no surprise that they can whip up some of the most scrumptious meals, gastronomic dishes, and epicurean delights. Therefore, finding some of the country’s beloved, favored, and highly sought-after restaurants, eateries, and cafes is inevitable. One might even go as far as to say that you can always find a restaurant serving you a hearty and satisfying meal in almost every nook and cranny in Pampanga. While much of the spotlight is on Kapampangan restaurants, their homegrown cafes also deserve a little love and attention. 

One cafe that saw a meteoric rise in popularity is Nuan Cafe, a fusion restaurant and cafe nestled inside the Nuan Farm and Resort. Opening last year in May of 2021, the cafe made a bold move in opening its doors to the public amid a pandemic. Many restaurants and cafes found their fruitful and productive beginnings by opening in the middle of a challenge. However, Nuan Cafe was an instant hit among food enthusiasts and coffee lovers. 

Nuan Cafe in a Nutshell 

At a glance, Nuan Cafe features an unassuming exterior with an industrial building design accented by brick accents. To elevate the cafe’s industrial aesthetic, the cafe features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and lighting fixtures made of metal. While the cafe’s design may seem very modern, industrial, and just a tad bit detached, the interiors actually have a comfortable, homey, and warm feeling. Inside, you can find a myriad of plants. Such plants are strategically placed outside to surround the cafe and give nature’s kiss and extra warmth. 

The Cafe Nuan Experience 

Located inside the resort, Cafe Nuan offers a delightful and delectable experience. Their cafe’s menu features a wide array of delicious food and various drinks. To give visitors and diners the complete dining experience, Cafe Nuan serves breakfast, lunch, snacks, various uniquely crafted drinks, and artisan desserts to cap off each meal and indulge your sweet tooth. 

The Nuan Cafe Menu 

While their menu primarily features an extensive offering of drinks and beverages, diners also get a selection of delicious food finds in Nuan Cafe. Coffee enthusiasts will love their selection of hot and iced coffee selections. Even diners who are more partial to sweeter or fruity drinks will not be left out as Nuan Cafe also serves ice-blended drinks and juices. Some of their most popular beverage offerings are tea, horchata, a selection of sodas, and Batirol de Bacolor. The batirol is a local take on a hot chocolate drink made the traditional way of using a metal pitcher and a wooden instrument to melt the tablea inside. 

nuan cafe updated menu

Food Selection at the Nuan Cafe

Nuan Cafe is noted for its assortment of pika-pika food offerings that complement and make excellent pairings to their beverages. Also, their pika-pika menu items are great snack items. Some of the food featured on their menu are nachos, fries, and chicken wings. However, if you are looking for something a little heavier and more filling, you can try their burgers, pasta, pizza, and breakfast rice meals which feature silogs of all kinds. 

Diners who wish to have a full meal can try their Beef Pepper Steak Stir Fry, Lechon Kawali, Grilled Salmon, and Pork Tonkatsu. 

nuan cafe beverage selection

Dessert Offerings at the Nuan Cafe 

Of course, what would a meal be like without dessert? Many may argue that a dining experience would be incomplete if you do not give it a sweet finish. On that aspect, Cafe Nuan certainly delivers as it has a diverse offering of pastry and dessert collections. Some of the sweet treats you can sink your teeth into are their Sinful White Chocolate Cake, Sinful Chocolate Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cafe, Toblerone Cheesecake, Mango Almond Sansrival, Banana Loaf, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Diners can get slices of these cakes or take them out as a whole. 

Apart from cakes, Nuan Cafe also serves macaroons, cookies, cake bars, cupcakes, fudge bars, ensaymada, and brownies. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and pocket-friendly, with nothing beyond Php400 in their main course offerings. 

Cafe Nuan is located in Nuan Farm and Resort, a family-inspired resort situated in Barangay San Vicente, Bacolor Pampanga.

Photo credits: Nuan Cafe’s FB page

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