4WD, ATV, and Off-road Tours in Pampanga

atv ride tours in pampanga

Pampanga is home to several destinations. But more than the adventure destination, an integral part of the experience is the journey going to those places. You can ride in a 4×4 or ATV and traverse off-road trails for these vehicles. There are at least three destinations to choose from when doing 4×4 overlanding in Pampanga.

4WD, ATV, and off-road tours in Pampanga

1) Puning Hot Springs in Angeles City

Going to Puning Hot Springs & Sand Spa starts from the Garden Restaurant at Sitio Target, Sapang Bato. From this jump-off point, you can rent out open-air 4×4 vehicles — there are several to choose from. 

The ride starts early in the morning. Passengers may stand at the back of the vehicles to appreciate the surroundings. Applying sunscreen is, of course, highly recommended because you will be exposed to the sun. 

The vehicle will traverse the rocky pathways and run over puddles of water. But the overall view will be breathtaking all the way to the hot springs. You can take plenty of pictures of the panoramic view while off-roading. You may also bring a drone if you want to. 

What better way to cap the ride than dipping in one of the eight pools inside Puning Hot Springs? You will surely find the pool where the temperature is just right for you. Hot water starts at 40 degrees. Give yourself time to adjust to the water temp, though.

The entire 4×4 ride will take about 30 minutes. Inside the resort, you will meet the locals, mostly Aetas, since they operate the area and sell snacks and other novelty items you can buy and take home as souvenirs.

2) Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake in Angeles City

Going to Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake also starts from Sapang Bato. The way is lahar-filled valleys that you will see from afar. From the jump-off point, you will be welcomed by an overlooking view of the way. But again, everything you will see is the beautiful scenery you will never find elsewhere in the Philippines.

The passage to crater lake involves narrow gorges after running through rocky rivers. You will pass through these mountain crevices until you reach the foothills of Mount Pinatubo. Unfortunately, the 4×4 tours can only take you this far; you must trek up the crater lake.

The climb is minor with a low difficulty level, so children and senior citizens can easily trek it. It takes up to two hours, depending on your pace. But you will not feel like climbing at all because of the scenery that will greet you going up. The caldera itself is a sight to behold. Trekking to the crater lake is open until 10 am only.

3) WCamp in Porac

Porac is home to Alviera’s SandBox and Country Club. Nevertheless, there is the newest facility inside the adventure camp, WCamp. Yes, it is a camping site in Pampanga, but there are other amenities in the area that you can use, such as the bike trail and ATV ride.

You can ride an ATV to Sapang Bato, although you may also use overlanding vehicles. Again, there are 4×4 vehicles for rent if you want to go to Puning Hot Springs or Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake.

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