Antipolo’s Best Kept Restos and Cafes to Visit

best-kept restaurants and cafes in antipolo

Rizal has plenty of distinct tourist spots, serene staycation options, and hiking trails to explore. And Antipolo is gaining attention for its incredibly comfortable cafes in the city. Whether you prefer a laid-back meal or a refreshing drink, this location is a fantastic choice for relaxation. Explore some top Antipolo restaurants and cafes with stunning views and atmospheres worth visiting when you need a break from the busy city life.

Best restaurants in Antipolo

1) Tahanan Bistro

Tahanan Bistro is perfect for adventurous foodies seeking contemporary dining experiences in Rizal. The bistro is an artistic abode made entirely of reclaimed wood filled with lush greenery and well-crafted woodwork. The Filipino-inspired menu, designed by the couple’s daughter and her partner, who studied in Melbourne, takes guests on a culinary journey with multiple five-course meal options featuring meats, fish, fruit, and dessert. Don’t miss their heavenly Bistek Tagalog braised beef shank and unique dessert pairing of Ube and White Chocolate Lava Cake. Vegetarian, pescatarian, and dietary-restricted options are also available.

2) Vieux Chalet

“Vieux Chalet,” which translates to “home on top of a mountain,” is a Swiss-inspired restaurant offering fine dining with an outstanding skyline view. Despite the term “fine dining,” the atmosphere is cozy and calming, so there’s no need to feel intimidated. Since its opening in 1988, this delightful restaurant has been recognized as one of Antipolo’s top restaurants. The tender and savory Osso Bucco and the Trio of Desserts are highly recommended dishes, which feature Swiss Chocolate Cake a la mode, cheesecake, and fried suman with cashew ice cream.

3) Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is an ideal haven if you’re looking for peace and quiet and an opportunity to experience art through touch. This pottery workshop and studio exhibit Filipino artists’ exquisite, handcrafted stoneware ceramics, including the owner Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s creations. In addition to the pottery selection, Crescent Moon has a restaurant where you can enjoy Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine prepared with the day’s freshest ingredients. Their menu offers healthier options, but meat lovers can still savor their meat-based dishes.

4) ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Café 360º

Enjoy stunning views of Metro Manila, Laguna de Bay, and Sierra Madre Mountains, and sunset over a meal with a friend for only Php 200. This location features four floors of local contemporary art, perfect for tourists in Rizal. Take advantage of the opportunity to see Filipino artists’ paintings, sculptures, and mixed media. Finally, capture nature’s beauty on the fifth floor.

5) Burrow Cafe

Visit The Burrow Cafe, an underground oasis that will change your brunch experience. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the natural surroundings through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, complemented by colorful chairs, glass tables, hammocks, and varied throw pillows. Also, don’t miss out on Antipolo Beehouse, a rustic, spacious, and creative events space located nearby. It has become a popular tourist destination in Antipolo in recent months.

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