Road Trip Visita Iglesia in Antipolo: 6 Churches to Explore

nine churches to visit in antipolo for visita iglesia

For Filipino devotees, Holy Week is a significant religious tradition that brings families together to reflect on the Way of The Cross by visiting churches. As part of this age-old tradition, penitent devotees typically visit churches on Maundy Thursday. If you’re in the Antipolo area, below is a list of recommended churches.

If you’re looking for Antipolo churches to visit on Maundy Thursday, here are the ones you should consider.

Churches to visit for visita iglesia in Antipolo 

1) Antipolo Cathedral

The Antipolo Cathedral, located on P. Oliveros St. in Antipolo City, Rizal, is home to the miraculous 17th-century image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buenviaje). This church is a well-known destination for millions of pilgrims annually. It is among the most famous churches near the Metro Manila area. Additionally, the Cathedral serves as the seat of the Archdiocese of Antipolo, which includes Marikina City, Rizal province, and a section of Pasig City in Metro Manila.

2) San Isidro Labrador Parish

As a community parish, this church provides ample space and ventilation to accommodate the surge of pilgrims during the holiday. One of its outstanding features is the elaborate altar, which instantly catches your eye. Located at Duhat & Atis Streets, Antipolo Hills Subd., Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo City, Rizal.

3) St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish Church

The beauty of St. Therese is in its simplicity, creating an atmosphere of solemnity. Like other churches in Antipolo, it boasts a tastefully adorned altar that exudes a natural magnificence. In addition, it is conveniently located right off a major highway. St. Therese can be found at Marcos Highway, Brgy Mayamot, Antipolo City, Rizal.

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4) The Transfiguration Of Christ Parish Church

The Transfiguration Of Christ Parish Church features an icon from the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa – the special patroness of the Transfiguration Parish is only fifteen years old. This serene and stunning church is preceded by a replica of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ and requires a bit of a climb up a flight of stairs to reach. The church is situated at Manuel L. Quezon Ext, Nayong Silangan, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal.

5) Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This church is an essential destination when visiting Antipolo. Its contemporary and picturesque design creates a solemn and uplifting atmosphere. Furthermore, the parish has a Rosary Garden that provides visitors with a space for contemplation and prayer. You can find the church at Hinulugang Taktak Road, Fairmount Hills Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal.

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6) Nuestra Señora de la Annunciata Parish Church

Situated in Sitio Old (Lower) Boso-Boso, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City, Rizal, the Boso-Boso Church was reconstructed from the remnants of a Jesuit-built parish dating back to around 1700. Commonly referred to as the Boso-Boso Church, it only became a parish in 2004 since the community was deserted in 1930 due to a proposed dam that was never built.

Tips when doing a visita iglesia in Antipolo

Here are some tips when doing a visita iglesia:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance. Identify the churches you want to visit and plan your route ahead of time to maximize your time and avoid wasting time.
  • Dress appropriately. When visiting a church, dress modestly and respectfully. Avoid wearing revealing or provocative clothing.
  • Respect the church rules. Each church has its own set of rules and regulations. Follow them to show respect for the church and its customs.
  • Observe silence. Churches are places of worship and meditation, so keep your voice down and avoid any unnecessary noise.
  • Bring enough money. Some churches may require donations or may have souvenir shops. Bring enough cash to cover any expenses.
  • Practice road safety. If you’re driving, obey traffic laws and be mindful of pedestrians. If you’re walking, stay on the sidewalk and cross only at designated crossings.
  • Stay hydrated and energized. Bring a water bottle and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day.
  • Enjoy the experience. Visita iglesia is an opportunity to deepen your faith and connect with your spirituality. Take the time to reflect and appreciate the beauty of the churches you visit.

What to bring during a visita iglesia?

Aside from wearing comfortable clothes and bringing water, snacks, and money for donations, here are some other things to carry during your visit.

  1. Prayer book or rosary

If you plan to pray during your visit, bring a prayer book or a rosary to aid you in your prayers.

  1. Map or itinerary

If you are visiting multiple churches, bring a map or an itinerary to help you navigate and stay on schedule.

  1. Identification

Bring a valid ID, especially if you plan to visit churches in a different city or province.

  1. Camera or smartphone

Capture memories of your visita iglesia by bringing a camera or a smartphone to take photos of the churches and their surroundings.

Remember to be respectful and mindful of your surroundings while visiting the churches, and follow any rules or regulations the church or its staff sets.

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