Of Great Food and Views: The Best Overlooking Restaurants in Antipolo City

“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

– Vincent van Gogh.

As urban city dwellers, we often find ourselves wanting to escape the perpetual hustle and bustle of the city.

To seek new places, chase new adventures, and hidden sanctuaries where we can relax, unplug and simply enjoy nature’s bounty. Luckily, those who reside in the country’s mega-metropolis, Manila, do not have to travel very far. Just an hour or two away from the metropolitan city is Antipolo, an unassuming and quaint town that is made for weekend getaways and holiday escapades. The city is best known for its inspiring sunsets and sunrises, panoramic views, cityscapes, and unadulterated natural views.

Antipolo City stands on an inclined part of Rizal and boasts of mountain ranges and hillsides which overlook parts of Metro Manila. Indeed, these overlooking areas offer quite a breathtaking view—one that deserves a trip by itself. Hit two birds with one stone by hitting up excellent locations to have a meal while taking in the sight of the sunrise, sunset, and various city lights. So, if you are raring for a break from the stress of the city, hit up the restaurants of the charming town, and you will find your stomachs full and your spirits reinvigorated with the views.

Whether you are planning on having a weekend away with friends or family or looking for a unique date spot with someone special, Antipolo has you covered.

Below is a list of Antipolo’s top restaurants that offers the best overlooking views to complement their tasty food:

a.) Vieux Chalet

A Swiss Restaurant with a scenic view, Vieux Chalet is one of the restaurants in Antipolo that offers a generous and panoramic view of Antipolo’s mountainside and Metro Manila. Owned by the Hassig Family, the restaurant has been in business since 1984 and is considered one of the best and top restaurants in Antipolo. In fact, it has been regarded as a popular date spot for couples who wish to have an intimate fine dining experience.

Foodies are not left out either, as the restaurant has devoted to offering authentic Swiss cuisine made from the freshest ingredients—all of which you can match with the wine of your choice. Their specialty dishes include the Raclette Festival Experience and the Cheese Fondue, which comes with homemade toasted bread, steamed organic vegetables, and prunes. The restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring wine, pasta, cheese, pizzas, and various meat entrees.

b.) Tahanan Bistro

Individuals with a hankering for a traditional Filipino dining experience should head on to Tahanan Bistro. This restaurant offers diners a fine dining experience with a touch of Asian elements. Guests will immediately notice that same vibe upon entering as they will be asked to remove their footwear to preserve the reclaimed wood material that is being used to build the overall restaurant.

Those who wish to dine in should make prior reservations and arrangements as Tahanan Bistro is open only three times a week. If you are looking to elevate your Filipino dining experience, this is definitely the place to be as they offer fancy Filipino cuisine in a set of five-course meals. People who are looking to impress their date will definitely love the intimate vibe while enjoying the picturesque view of boundless nature.

c.) Burrow Cafe

A well-kept secret and a hidden gem in Antipolo, the Burrow Cafe is an overlooking underground restaurant that opens up to a charming view of nature. The cafe has incorporated rustic elements complemented by curtain windows adjacent to the Antipolo Beehouse. As a result, the cafe’s overall vibe provides a relaxing and serene dining experience that is ideal for intimate gatherings or romantic dates.

Those who wish to dine in must make a prior reservation. Their menu consists of primarily Filipino cuisine with a fusion of continental recipes. They also serve all-day breakfast food, sumptuous lunch spreads, and sinful desserts.

d.) Yellow Lantern Cafe

If seeing the sunset and city lights inspires you, then the Yellow Lantern Cafe is the perfect spot for meals. It offers a vibrant and lively vibe to accompany its overlooking view of Makati and San Juan;’s skyline. Their menu mainly consists of Filipino food and a mix of continental comfort food as well as Asian cuisine. However, if there is something you must absolutely try off their menu, it should be their Paella which is said to be one of their specialty dishes. If you are looking for a no-frills dining experience, you should definitely hit up the Yellow Lantern Cafe. It is perfect for casual dining with family and friends. To switch things up on date nights, you can bring your partner here. No prior reservations are needed.

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e.) Chimney Cafe 360° at ArtSector Gallery

Diners with a discriminating taste for both food and views should definitely visit the Chimeny Cafe 360°. It is, by far, Antipolo’s finest cafe that offers a 360° view of Metro Manila, Laguna de Bay, and the Sierra Madre mountains. The cafe is situated inside ArtSector Gallery, a notable work of multi-awarded architect and artists Antonio Leaño, who also happens to be the architect behind the Pinto Art Museum.

Here, visitors can enjoy their hot or cold coffee while taking in scenic sunsets and views. However, do not expect to be offered a consistent menu every single time you visit, as their menu changes depending on the month, offering anything from Filipino to Italian cuisines.

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