Baguio Camping: Campsites Around and Near Baguio

“In a cool solitude of a tree, where leaves and birds a music spin. Mind that was weary is at ease, new rhythms in the soul begin.”

-William Kean Seymour

Known as the Summer Capital of the Country and the preferred Christmas destination of urban dwellers, Baguio City has a lot to offer tourists and visitors in terms of activities.

When we think of this region, a sea of clouds complemented by the chilly weather come to mind. In fact, when the Cordilleras region is mentioned, we tend to think about pine-scented breezes and chilly weather that makes us shiver—in a good kind of way. While people typically visit the region to escape the city heat, it is also known for its hiking trails, including paths to the summits of Mt. Ulap and Mt. Pulag. However, intrepid adventurers and avid campers, be warned, the journey can be anything but comfortable. For many, the endeavor is challenging, and it may be something they wish to forego while they are in Baguio City.

After all, spending the night at the top of a mountain is anything but comfortable. However, camping can be one of the outdoor activities you can try—especially if you are looking for things to do in Baguio. So, if you have been wondering where to go in Baguio City and are looking for something new to try, you may want to check out the list of campsites near and around Baguio City below.

a.) Alapo Adventure Camp

Located along the Japanese Trail, Longlong Puguis of La Trinidad in the Philippines, Alapo Adventure Camp is a short drive away from Baguio City. As it is nearby, tourists and visitors in Baguio City visit for a day trip or easily block off a day to visit the campsite and spend the night there. It is a great and refreshing place to relax with accommodating and welcoming staff to assist you with your needs. The place is surrounded by pine trees and has a deck that has an overlooking view of the city. So, if you are looking for a relaxing way to camp, Alapo Adventure Camp has you covered.

b.) Red Door Campsite

Red Door Campsite is one of the nearest campsites to Baguio City. As it is only a mere six minutes from Baguio, visitors can easily visit the campsite during the daytime and return home by nightfall. It is located at the Lodge Pole, Pine Road, Baguio City. Tourists and campers praised the campsite’s relaxing ambiance and great amenities. So, if you are planning to visit Baguio City and wish to put a spin on your usual traditional and usual accommodation bookings, the Red Door Campsite is an excellent alternative.

c.) HD Mountain Ville

HD Mountain Ville is pretty much everything you can ever want in a campsite. It has a coffee shop and a bonfire pit. The place is also known to host events, making it a very versatile location. Shutterbugs will also love this campsite, considering its natural scenic and picturesque landscapes filled with greenery against the vast blue sky. HD Mountain View comes highly recommended by campers for its clean toilets and shower rooms and relaxing views. The camp also has a mini farm that kids can enjoy while the adults set up camp. HD Mountain Ville is located at Marcos Highway, Tuba Benguet, and while the campsite does not have its own stove and utensils, you may cook your meals as you, please. Alternatively, you can have your meals at their coffee shop.

d.) Camp Ragsak

A mere twenty minutes away from Baguio City, Camp Ragsak promises campers amazing and majestic views of the sunrise and sunset. The place is quite clean and well-maintained for a relatively new campsite that just opened last year. More importantly, the camp staff and personnel are very welcoming and accommodating to their guests, ensuring that each would have an exceptional experience during their stay. While the campsite is a mere twenty minutes away from Baguio City, it feels a world away from the typical hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Indeed, it is an excellent campsite for relaxation and unwinding.

e.) Camp Khawa

Close to the city of Baguio (only 23 minutes away), Camp Khawa is where tourists and visitors go to enjoy the sights and see the night sky and stars. If roughing it out in the wild is not your thing, you can ease into the idea of camping by trying out glamping (glamour camping). Camp Khawa offers campers a glamping experience sans the hassle of setting up their tent and cooking their own food. The campsite has breathtaking views all around, making it an excellent backdrop for all of your photos. If you wish to have a more traditional camping experience, Camp Khawa also has a designated place where campers can pitch their tents and cook their own meals with the campsite’s griller. The campsite also has a decent clean bathroom—which is important for most campers.

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