Best Campsites in Rizal

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

John Miur

Adventure has always been synonymous with thrilling excitement.

The prospect of exploring areas unknown, drinking in nature’s bounty, immersing yourself in greenery, falling asleep under a clear sky full of stars—all of these sound like quite the treat to an intrepid outdoor enthusiast. Indeed, there is always something to look forward to an excursion in thick forests, winding rivers, or even a relaxing afternoon with a scenic view. All of these may not compare to an upscale hotel’s accommodations, but it is definitely an incomparable experience that you are not likely to forget. 

However, busy metropolitan cities such as Metro Manila do not quite offer the outdoor adventure you are craving. Indeed, it can be quite tricky to find an appropriate place with open-air and ample space for social distancing. As a result, camping and glamping sites have become all the rage in these recent years. Even better is that some campsites even allow private bookings, and many of them are located not too far from home. However, if you do not wish to make the long drive for a camping trip, the province of Rizal offers a myriad of campsites, making it a prime location for a quick camping or hiking getaway. So, if you wish to take a dip into camping culture, then take a look at the list below for the best camping sites in Rizal that will make you rediscover your love for the great outdoors. 

1.) WK Forest Reserve and Campgrounds (Tanay, Rizal) 

While highly accessible by high clearance vehicles, 4X4 wheel drive SUVs, and motorcycles, WK Forest Reserve and Campgrounds is a relatively secret campsite that even the most enthusiastic campers are yet to discover. Although accessible, the campsite may prove quite the challenge to reach as you need to cross 7-9 rivers to get to the site and drive some 500 meters uphill just to reach the campsite. However, all that work is not for naught. Upon reaching the campsite, you will be treated to serene and tranquil surroundings ideal for relaxing amid nature. As the campsite is tucked in the middle of a forested mountain, it may prove quite difficult to find. WK Adventures campsite has no indicators that something is indeed there. Signs are absent, as walk-ins are not allowed. 

If you do wish to give the campsite a try, you may book the site in advance, and the owners will provide you with a set of instructions as to how to reach it. The campsite comes equipped with an outdoor bathing area complemented by a modern toilet, ensuring that your basic needs are met. Visitors can choose to set up camp either at the open campsite, forested camp, or by the mountain range and river view. 

2.) Jungle Base Firing Range and 4X4 Center (Tanay, Rizal) 

Nestled in a hidden tranquil property in the Sierra Madre mountains, Jungle Base Firing Range and 4X4 Center is nature’s sanctuary of all sorts. Formerly a training ground of the second infantry division of the Philippines, the site is now a prime area for all sorts of adventures perfect for families and adventure sports for outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the things you can do in the area are camp under the night sky, conquer rivers, explore caves, trek hills, and the like. 

If you are looking for a challenging adventure to complement your camping trip, you may want to give camping at Jungle Base Firing Range and 4X4 Center a try. 

3.) Sierra Grove

A relatively new campsite that just opened this year, Sierra Grove offers campers a commanding view of the majestic mountains and sprawling valleys of Sierra Madre. As the camp just recently opened, campers looking for a more private and relaxed experience can definitely enjoy it here. 

Located just along the Marilaque Highway at Tanay, Rizal, getting to Sierra Grove does not require a long drive. The campsite is located just a little more than an hour from Metro Manila. If you are looking for a camping experience that allows you to disconnect from the world and appreciate natural and wonderful scenery, you should definitely visit Sierra Grove on your next camping trip. 

4.) Camp BOA (Rizal)

If you have been long craving an adventure, try camping at Camp Boa. Located in Rizal, the campsite can be easily located through Google Maps or Waze. Bear in mind, however, that to reach the campgrounds, you would need to cross two rivers. That said, you would need an appropriate off-roading vehicle just to get to camp. However, if you do not have a 4X4 car, it is recommended that you ask the owners prior to booking. 

Camp Boa gives campers a generous piece of nature. Apart from the lush and verdant surroundings, campers are treated to rivers which they can take a dip in to cool off. It is also worth noting that the camp limits its number of guests, making it the perfect spot for campers who are looking for a bit of privacy during their stay. 

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