8 Must-Experience Campsites in Tanay

treasure mountain and other campsites in tanay

Tanay, Rizal is one to two hours away from Manila, which is perfect for campers looking to experience weekend stargazing on a camp. Not just the sky, but the thick greenery around you! You will embrace the newfound love for the outdoors. And these campsites in Tanay prove that there is no need to venture too far from home.

Must-experience campsites in Tanay

1) WK Forest Reserve & Campgrounds

WK Forest Reserve aims to revive the old-school camping experience, so the owners ensure there is no overcrowding. There are three campgrounds: open camp, forest camp, and overlooking camp. Going to the campsite is an adventure, requiring a 4×4 vehicle, motorbike, or mountain bike. You must cross at least six rivers to get to the site, but the picturesque views and unparalleled peace are worth the journey.

2) Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain is famous for its accessible trail and the sea of clouds. Beginner campers who dislike long and challenging terrains will surely appreciate this camping spot in Tanay. Treasure Mountain also features a spiderweb view deck, a swimming pool, and rope courses, besides the incredible morning scenery. You may bring or rent a tent on the campsite. Cottages are available for rent as well.

3) Camp BOA

Apart from being a base camp, Camp BOA is a jump-off point for individuals who want to explore natural sites in Tanay, including the Kaliwa Watershed Reserve. The campground is by the river, so you can take a dip before heading to your bonfire for a night of s’mores and stories. Camp BOA is nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Madre, bounded by River Lanatin. Going there, you will need to cross two rivers. The camp only accommodates up to 20 people and five vehicles daily.

4) Bongkawe Campers Ville

Bongkawe Campers Ville is ideal for campers who find refuge in the soothing sounds bamboo trees make when the wind blows. Yes, this unique scenery sets Bongkawe different from other campgrounds in Tanay. This campsite has a tiny house for rent, with a stove, cookware, and kitchen utensils. In addition, tents and hammocks are available for rent on the site.

5) Bulod Campsite

Bulod Campsite empowers the rural and indigenous communities by providing them with livelihood opportunities. As such, if you camp here, you contribute to these people’s lives by allowing them to earn for themselves. Camping with a purpose has never been this rewarding! Further, Bulod Campsite has two self-service campgrounds, Camp Masayo and Camp Tanaw. Both are available for full rental. The campsite also has Cafe Bulod to order home-cooked meals from, if you will not bring and cook your own. Campers can also book activities onsite as spearheaded by the locals. 

6) Fresno Agro-Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite

Fresno Agro-Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite is perfect for camping enthusiasts who love to hike first. Since the trail is relatively long, it is an ideal opportunity to hike with friends. The campsite is one of the few family-friendly campgrounds in Tanay. All-in packages are offered to campers, inclusive of one silog meal. Fresno is more popular for its Noah’s Ark, rope bridge, and spiderweb viewing deck.

7) House of Clouds Tanay

House of Clouds Tanay is a terrific spot for watching a sea of clouds at dawn. It is actually a clifftop campground that requires 10 to 20 minutes of trekking. Campers may also reach the campground by driving a 4×4. Alternatively, you can park your car (more so if it is not suited for off-road driving) at Marteseem Mountain Resort and then ride a habal-habal or motorbike to House of Clouds. The place is exclusive to a group since there is one bamboo house to accommodate campers. Tents are pitched on the ground. Other inclusions are a bonfire set, barbecue griller, charcoal stove, cooking equipment, kitchen utensils, and board games.

8) Lambingan Hills

Lambingan Hills is a camping spot popular for its attractive flower garden and scenic Laguna de Bay views. Aside from pitching tents for an overnight stay at the campground, visitors may choose to stargaze while on a hammock or swing. There is a short trek, but you will not mind it because of how verdant the terrain is. Lambingan Hills also features a swimming pool though the water may get too cold even during summer. The campsite has a vacation house, shower areas, and restrooms.

The majority of these Tanay campsites are off-grid. Ensure that you cover the bases and bring the essentials and things you think you will need. This is especially important if you are camping with your kids. Remember that there is no signal in most of these sites, so bring enough food and water and a map or save a copy on your smartphone. While at it, enjoy the trail going to the campgrounds. After all, camping is being one with nature.

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