Cebuano Restaurants Worth The Ticket and The Trip

Traveling to Cebu is always worth the time, effort, and trip. 

Just imagining the myriad of things you can do in the Queen City of the South would be enough to make you excited for the prospect of visiting it. As one of the most frequently visited cities in the Philippines, Cebu does not fall short of diverse activities to do. From visiting heritage sites and taking a dip on the powdery white sand beaches to enjoying the bustling nightlife, there are plenty of things to pepper your to-do list. Indeed, your itinerary in Cebu will certainly be packed with so many things to enjoy. 

Beyond the wondrous and beautiful sights to see and behold, Cebu’s culinary scene is a world of its own—and a gift to foodies and culinary enthusiasts alike. That said, it should be no wonder that food tourism in Cebu has been picking up and gaining traction over the recent years. Indeed, the Queen City of the South’s food scene is definitely worth exploring on your next Cebu food trip. However, it is worth noting that there is so much more to Cebu’s food than the famous lechon! And true enough, while you should never miss tasting the city’s delicious rendition of the famous suckling pig while you are there, you should not miss out on other Cebuano restaurants and eateries. That being said, below is a list of restaurants you must try if you happen to be in Cebu City. In fact, we would say that the restaurants listed below are worth the trip to the Queen City of the South by themselves. 

1.) Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente 

For a genuine Cebuano dining experience, you need to visit some of Cebu’s hole-in-the-wall eateries. Pungko-pungko sa Fuente, while not a five-star restaurant, is one of the most beloved eateries in Cebu. Do not let the unassuming and humble ambiance fool you; the eatery serves some of Cebu’s most beloved homegrown dishes, which come in the form of sinful fried food items. Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente offers visitors a communal dining experience where you learn to dine with strangers and eat with your hands as well! The various stalls lined on the streets are fully laden with a wide assortment of sinfully delicious fried scores. What makes all of these even better is that a full meal will only set you back at least seventy pesos! How is that for a deal? If this is your first time, be sure to include some of the beloved favorites, such as the Cebuano version of ginabot (fried pork intestines), lumpia, pork chop, and longganisa. If you are lucky, you may even find a vendor who is selling Siomai sa Tisa. Be sure not to miss out on that Cebuano favorite as well!

2.) Rico’s Lechon 

No visit to Cebu is complete without trying the city’s most beloved and famous dish: Cebu Lechon. For the best of the best, head to Rico’s Lechon, the city’s go-to spot for crispy Cebu Carcar lechon. The tasty and succulent roast pig is available in original and spicy variants to complement the restaurant’s wide range of menu items. Other than lechon, some of the must-try dishes include kinilaw na Tanigue, Bicol express, calamari, scallops, monggo soup, and lechon sisig. 

3.) Dimsum Break 

Craving for quick and satisfying Chinese dishes? Look no further than Dimsum Break, a Cebu original that has been a crowd favorite among locals and visitors alike. Cebuanos love their Siomai, so it is no wonder that Dimsum Break deserves a spot on this list. Some of the things you should order from this fast-food restaurant are the wide varieties of Siomai flavors, spring rolls, cucumber salad, and, of course, the steamed fried rice (fried rice with pork and shrimp topped with the restaurant’s very own secret sauce). While the original steamed fried rice is an entirely Cebuano addition to a range of Chinese dim sum food items, it is one of the restaurant’s best sellers and a must-try!

4.) Abaca Baking Company 

Individuals with a hankering for good pastries and coffee should include Abaca Baking Company in their travel itinerary. It is one of the beloved restaurants in Cebu that offer a generous selection of baked goods. Their pastries are baked and served fresh daily to ensure that diners get only the best of what they offer. A must-try menu item of the restaurant is their pain au chocolat. Apart from being comparatively bigger than a typical pain au chocolat, it is oozing with chocolate making it a sinful but delightful afternoon snack. 

5.) Yolk Coffee and Breakfast 

Breakfast lovers, rejoice! Yolk Coffee and Breakfast offers diners all-day breakfast dining! This restaurant is one of Cebu’s hidden gems known for its excellent menu, exceptional services, and aesthetic interiors. More importantly, the restaurant is known for its strong Wi-Fi connection, making it a good spot for people who wish to grab a bit of grub while working. Some of the restaurant’s best-sellers are their eggs benny, Pumba Sandwich, chorizo and eggs in a pan, and do-it-yourself omelet. 

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