Five Beautiful Outdoor Restaurants in Cebu

To call yourself a certified foodie of the Queen City of the South, you must at least possess a good knowledge of where the best restaurants in Cebu are.

After all, no Cebu food trip is complete without a visit to the best of the city’s culinary offerings. That said, why not make your next planned gastronomical excursion a little different by visiting restaurants that offer you more than just a feast for your tummies, but a delight for your eyes as well? Listed as one of the most beautiful islands in the country, it is no question that the Queen City of the South has its fair share of stunning views as well. And what makes it even better is that some restaurants are situated in these picturesque areas. With an ambiance that is refreshing and a scenic view, these restaurants make for Instagrammable locations whose backgrounds make for beautiful photos and excellent additions to your social media feed.

So, if you want to impress your visitors from out of town and delight them with something that does not only satisfy their appetites but their eyes as well, take a look at Cebu’s best alfresco and outdoor restaurants down listed down below: 

1.) Parilya 

Situated in the South Road Properties area and adjacent to the Il Corso Mall, Parilya is best known for its native dishes and various grilled specialties. Some crowd favorites are the restaurant’s all-time favorite Cebu Lechon belly, fresh seafood, and BBQ dishes. However, as one of the most restaurants with an unbeatable ambiance, most diners come for the food and stay for the view. 

With an expansive view of Cebu’s oceanside, Parilya stays true to its Mediterranean theme. That said, dining alfresco means that the food they serve is often paired well with the fresh and salty breeze of the sea, making for a truly unique dining experience. 

2.) La Casa Vieja 

Furnished with antiques and furniture, dining at La Casa Vieja takes you back to a time when grand houses were built like castles. To complete the restaurant’s classic ambiance, it is peppered with vintage household items and trinkets—they even have a vintage car and a fountain. Some of the restaurant’s beloved dishes are the crispy pata and Larang. You can choose to dine alfresco on the open veranda located at the second level of their restaurant. Alternatively, you can dine on the third level, which has a Garden view. For diners who wish to finish up their meals with something strong to drink, the restaurant comes with an open-air bar setup which makes for an exceptional rustic ambiance.

3.) Casa Verde 

As an old Cebuano classic and favorite, Casa Verde is a household name that merits a spot on this list. While the restaurant has several franchises in Cebu, none of them can compare to the original’s scenery and ambiance. Some of Casa Verde’s best offerings are their fall-off-the-bones and melt-in-the-mouth Baby Back Ribs and Western dishes such as oversized burgers and buffalo wings. The original restaurant is known for its vintage vibes and welcoming patio that has now been turned into a dining area. The restaurant features a booth, an air-conditioned space with a roof, and open-air dining that gives you a great view of the restaurant’s verdant garden with a fountain and the ancestral house as well. 

4.) Serenity Mountain Cafe 

Nestled atop Cebu’s mountains in Busay, getting to Serenity Cafe requires a bit of a drive. However, the travel will be all worth it for the restaurant’s good food and spectacular views. This casual and comfy cafe offers some of Cebu’s tastiest coffee and desserts. Apart from that, the cafe also serves distinct Asian Fusion dishes. When you get the chance, do not miss out on their specialties, such as the Burnt Basque Cheesecake and Ube Pie which are just some of the cafe’s best and beloved desserts. Take an afternoon drive to this cafe to enjoy a warm cup of coffee paired with a superb set of desserts while drinking in the breathtaking view of the mountains of Cebu City. 

5.) Top of Cebu 

For a truly unbeatable view and dining experience, take your out-of-town visitors to the Top of Cebu, a restaurant that flaunts a panoramic view of the Queen City of the South. The restaurant offers two wildly contrasting dining experiences depending on when you time your visit. During the day, you can get to enjoy all the lush greenery, mountains, and blue sea while all of these changes at night as it transforms into an expanse of city lights. The restaurant features an open main dining area and an open-air balcony that creates a relaxed ambiance perfect for a Top of Cebu experience. Some of the restaurant’s food offerings are their various takes on local favorites and famous international food—all of which add to the restaurant’s overall refreshing twist on a Cebuano dining experience. 

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