Seven Best Places to Stay in Sagada

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

-Anais Nin.

Sagada has always been a place in the Philippines that travelers often include in their travel bucket list—and with good reason.

Located in the mountainous region of the Cordillera and made popular by the hit local movie That Thing Called Tadhana, Sagada is often regarded as the best place for moving on from a breakup or for serious introspection and soul-searching. As the area remained untouched by Spanish influences until the 19th century, Sagada has its fair share of picturesque spots. But, more importantly, the place is home to a rich culture reflected in various pottery, textiles, and local delicacies such as etag (salted and sun-dried meat).

As the place is mostly untouched by foreign influences, one can easily witness how strong indigenous culture is in this area and its surrounding provinces. That said, it is one of the perfect places for travel and exploration. With so many exciting places to see and explore, including the famous hanging coffins, jumping from waterfalls, spelunking inside caves, and participating in local and traditional celebrations with the locals, Sagada is indeed a lively and vibrant place to be in. So, if you are planning a visit, your first thought apart from your itinerary would probably be where to stay in Sagada.

Not to worry, below is a list of some of the best accommodations in Sagada that you can choose from.

a.) Coffee Heritage House and Hostel

One of the best things about this unique hostel in Sagada is that not only does it offer a range of accommodation options, from dormitory-style bunk beds to private rooms, but it also advocates for local products. As a local business, they support partner farmers and communities by promoting local artisanal coffee through farm tours and seminars. This distinct destination offers visitors the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the town’s culture while simultaneously playing an active part in advocacy that benefits and sustains some of the local industries in the area.

b.) See Too Ville

Like Coffee Heritage House and Hotel, See Too Ville is a nature lodge that also offers a wide variety of accommodation options, each with its own amenities. This nature lodge features a terrace and shared lounge where guests can unwind and relax. Rooms also come with their own private bathroom and a balcony that showcases a view of the sea or picturesque views if guests wish to enjoy stunning panoramas and vistas. Nearby points of interest are shops, restaurants, and local attractions such as Kiltepan Peak, Lake Danum, and Bokong Falls.

c.) Gasik Room

A cabin studio made of pine, Gasik Room is an accommodation with amenities that feature a king-sized bed, a private bathroom with a shower, and a fan. The studio overlooks Sagada giving checked-in guests a generous view of the surrounding area. Nearby places to visit are bars, shops, restaurants, and attractions such as Echo Valley, Sagada Pottery Homestay. Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center and Kanip-aw Pines Lodge.

d.) Dagdag Village Homestay

If traveling in a big group, you may want to book your stay at Dagdag Village Homestay. This Sagada accommodation is perfect for families and big groups who wish to go on vacation together. The homestay exudes rustic charm as it is essentially structures made of simple wood and built with indigenous materials giving the place an aesthetic and authentic feel without sacrificing comfort and convenience. The Department of Tourism accredits the lodging and can accommodate up to nine guests in its bedrooms.

e.) Sagada Heritage Village

If waking up to panoramic and scenic views of lush greenery and mountain ranges sounds like a dream, book your stay with Sagada Heritage Village. This lodging in Sagada is known for its spectacular mountain views from its eco-friendly and traditional nipa huts nestled in between pine trees. Sagada Heritage Village has ten huts that accommodate all types of travelers, from couples to groups of 12 individuals. If you wish to immerse yourself in your surroundings and reconnect with nature, Sagada Heritage Village is the place to be.

f.) Sagada Hideaway House

At Sagada Hideaway House, you can have an entire house or one of the two units all to yourself. This two-story house features complete amenities, including kitchenware, blankets, and even free Wi-Fi. If you wish to stay longer, the property features various rental payments, which can be paid daily or weekly. The property is in proximity to tourist attractions such as the Bomod-ok Falls. If you are traveling in a large group, the place can accommodate groups of as many as sixteen people.

g.) Layad

Primarily catering to artists, backpackers, and outdoorsmen, Layad is a single-bedroom rental located on the upper floors of Inandako’s BnB. Rooms feature a queen-sized bed and a double bed that can accommodate up to four people. In addition, the rental features a veranda where guests can enjoy an amazing view of downtown Sagada and Mt. Ampacao.

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