Pugad Adventure Park: An Elyu Experience Like No Other

pugad adventure park in la union

Pugad Adventure Park, or simply Pugad, is one of the most-visited adventure parks in La Union. And why not? It boasts of several activities that kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy. The ever-popular nature park is located in Pugo, La Union, beneath its lush tropical forests. Many a reasons why Pugad remains on the top list of places to visit in Elyu, some of which are detailed below.

Top reasons for visiting Pugad Adventure Park

  • The activities

What is an adventure park without all the adrenaline-pumping activities? Pugad Adventure Park has some of the most sought-after attractions in La Union. For instance, it features the very first 450-meter zipline in Elyu, overlooking the entire park once you are up there. Actually, there are three ziplines: Zipline 1 (400 meters) – the highest and longest; Zipline 2 (250 meters) – the faster one; and Zipline 3 (250 meters) – the lowest. You will go from one mountain to another. 

Pugad Adventure Park is actually divided into three sections. Hanging bridges separate them. There are cottages and swimming pools that accommodate even big groups of guests. The pools are located in the middle section of the park. 

The main activities, including the mini zoo and botanical garden, are in the third section. Aside from ziplining, you may also do wall climbing and rappelling. In addition, the management offers various packages with varying combinations of activities at more affordable rates. 

You can rent out the entire place for teambuilding purposes as well. There are areas where games like paintball can be played. If your group wants an ATV ride, Pugad Adventure Park also offers such.

  • The nature

Pugad Adventure Park is a nature-themed park, taking the actual topography of the place. Thus, it perfectly aligns with what the tourists want for a destination, someplace far off but where they can enjoy various activities. Here, you will genuinely commune with nature. This is probably why the park is always full, not just on weekends and holidays, but even weekdays.

  • The climate

Pugo, La Union is 1 hour away from Baguio City, which explains the cold climate. This is true throughout the year, even when the sun shines terribly unless there is a typhoon. Not to mention the adventure park itself is surrounded by lush forests, especially fully-grown pine trees. Furthermore, Pugo is located somewhere relatively remote — far away from the city center. Therefore, it is much closer to nature than concrete structures.

  • The staff

Staff will welcome you as soon as you enter Pugad Adventure Park. There are also roving personnel to check the safety and security of the place. With one thing off your mind, you will genuinely enjoy everything the adventure park offers.

  • The rates

Rates vary depending on the activity. For example, wall climbing and rappelling cost P150 per head each. Australian Rundown, the paintball challenge, costs P250 per head, and so is the Giant Swing ride. Ziplines are from P250 to P400. An ATV ride costs P350 per head.

Indeed, there is always something for everyone at Pugad Adventure Park.

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