Best Pampanga Food Finds: 7 Kapampangan Restaurants You Should Not Miss

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”

Auguste Escoffier

It is safe to say that most of us are itching for a break from this pandemic. 

After more than a year of restricted travel and staying mostly at home, many of us are pining for even just a brief excursion. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made that difficult, and any travel we might do for leisure is restricted to areas near to us. Luckily, the National Capital Region is quite big and wide, peppered with plenty of nearby cities. In lieu of visiting exotic nearby provinces and cities, however, why not indulge yourself with extraordinary food? 

Located not too far away from Manila, Pampanga is an excellent place to visit for your next food adventure. Dubbed as the gastronomic and culinary capital of the country, you can head to the city for the day and make it home by nightfall. To make the most out of your trip, be sure to visit all the Pampanga restaurants that serve the city’s most famous delicacies and dishes. So, if you are planning to visit the city anytime soon, here are just some of the restaurants and cafe’s that should make it to your itinerary: 

1.) 1798 Lifestyle Studio 

Offering so much more than just delectable food and breathtaking views, the 1798 Lifestyle Studio was once a place teeming with life. It offered various workshops to patrons, but the pandemic has compelled them to look for other ways to entertain customers. Since then, the studio has opened its doors to the public with affordable food on the menu complemented by stunning and spectacular views of the surrounding farm. 

2.) Kalidad Coffee 

If you cannot get through the day without your favorite cup of Joe, be sure to drop by Kalidad Coffee and get your fix. This community-forward cafe in Pampanga is known for its simple and straightforward coffee menu. Individuals who have not developed an affinity with caffeine are not left out either, as the coffee shop offers non-coffee beverages and snack items. However, if you wish to try something different, be sure to sample their signature Kalidad Coffee or Cloud Americano. 

3.) Cafe Rooftop 

If you are looking to update your social media feed, Cafe Rooftop is the place to be. This Instragrammable cafe is truly a sight to behold to influencers and visitors alike who wish to have a curated feed. More importantly, they offer delicious and hearty food items as well. Their menu is a combination of trendy and classic food items that will surely fill you up for the day. 

4.) Nuan Cafe by Katrina’s 

Located inside the Nuan Farm and Resort, Nuan Cafe is a restaurant and cafe perfect for individuals looking to have a relaxed brunch or early dinner. Here you can enjoy a slew of beverages (caffeinated and non-caffeinated), pizzas, and burgers. Give your hearty meals an epic finish with the restaurant’s selection of cakes and wide collection of desserts. 

5.) Moon Cafe

Considering that all things Korean are rather popular nowadays, it is inevitable for Pampanga to have their own rendition of a Korean cafe. Moon Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Pampanga owing to its Korean-inspired Instagrammable interiors. With good coffee such as their signature Macadamia Latte complemented by an array of sandwiches and pasta dishes, customers are guaranteed a good time!

6.) Sky Garden Cafe and Resto 

Sky Garden is one of the new and recently opened food establishments in the culinary capital. Here you can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner menu items that include Osso Bucco Alla Milance, Salmon Steak, Spicy Arrabiata, and Steak Medallion. You can then wrap up your meal with their wide array of delicious desserts such as Gateau Au Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Truffle Amuse, Chiffon Cake and Macaroons, and many other desserts.

7.) 25 Seeds 

The brainchild of Cafe Fleur’s owner and chef, 25 Seeds, is a farm-to-table concept restaurant that serves reinvented modern Filipino dishes. The restaurant exudes a modern homey feel despite being the Dycaico Ancestral House, an abandoned mansion built in the 1920s. Some of the must-try dishes the restaurant offers are Mushroom Tom Yum, Fried Vegetable Dumplings, Three Cheese sandwich, Sous Vide Duck with Adobo, Pinakbet Ratatouille and Elote. 

With the restaurant and cafe selections above, you can now pepper your food itinerary with must-try Kapampangan food and dishes. While Pampanga is already slowly reopening its borders to guests, visitors, and hungry diners, please be advised that some of these restaurants may not accept dine-in patrons just yet. To be sure, it is recommended that you contact them prior to visiting and ask or make reservations to ensure that you can be accommodated. 

Also, be sure to follow strict health and safety guidelines for everyone’s safety. 

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