Discover Philippines: Four Surf & Camps in Real, Quezon

The Philippines is a country of over seven thousand islands—most of which are bordered by seas. 

As a predominantly tropical country that only experiences wet and dry seasons, visiting the beach, chasing sunsets, and surfing the waves are some of the best things to do in the country. However, for people living in the metropolis, surfing is an activity that requires planning and perhaps a weekend away from the bustling city life to fully enjoy and experience. 

For those who do not wish to make the extended trip, however, you can make a trip that is a bit closer to home. While most travel blogs in the Philippines would recommend taking a trip all the way to La Union just to surf, those who do not wish to take the four-hour trip can opt for something nearer. Vastly overlooked, Real Quezon is only three hours away from the capital. Real, albeit still a little far from the capital, is an excellent alternative to the more popularly known La Union as there are plenty of hidden gems and sceneries to discover. The coastal municipality offers surfers huge waves and swells ideal for surfing without being expensive. 


By bus: 

The easiest way to get to Real, Quezon is to board a bus from Raymond Transportation Terminal located in Legarda, Manila, going to Infanta Quezon. This bus station is in proximity to Arellano University and Sta. Catalina College. If you are coming from LRT Legarda Station, take a jeepney going to Cubao and alight in the Raymond Transportation Terminal. 

Ideally, you should be able to depart from Manila by 4 AM—especially if you are planning on just having a day tour as you can avoid rush hour and traffic. 

By private vehicles: 

If you elect to drive yourself all the way to Real, Quezon, it is recommended to use a navigation app on your smartphones such as Waze or Google Maps. However, you must be connected to the internet in order for these mobile apps to work and give you directions. 


a.) The PaRK Real 

A surfing resort located in Km. 115, Barangay Tignoan, Reál, Quezon, Pacific Recreation Kamp or also known as The Park, is a surfing resort perfect for both campers and surfers. This clean, modest place is home to surfing and camping enthusiasts alike. It is clean and modest, plus the employees and staff are accommodating to guests. The area designated for camping is decked with green grass and surrounded by tall trees.

Those who wish to grill their food may do so at the surfing resort’s grilling area. Grill racks are available for use, but charcoal must be provided by the guests. Just a few meters away from this camping site is Tignoan Beach. While the sand is grey, coarse, and rocky, it makes for a relaxing spot. There is also a river that exits to the beach on the right side of the resort that offers visitors a scenic view of the hills and coconut trees. 

b.) Real Coast and Surf 

A charming surf camp in Real, Quezon is one of the popular accommodations in the area. Decorated with millennial interiors, this surf camp is popular among younger surfers who wish to experience the surfing scene of Real. The surfing campsite has a wide beach perfect for surfing. The campsite has various cabanas for guests who wish to stay the night. 

A good thing to note about this surfing resort is its clean and well-maintained toilets and bathing areas. They have separate communal showers and toilet areas for both males and females, as well as an outdoor shower. Guests are free to cook their own food, which they can buy from the market, as there is a communal kitchen area with grills and a table for food preparation. Alternatively, guests may also eat at nearby eateries that accept cooking services for a fee. 

c.) Paninap Beach Camp 

Located in Real, Quezon, Paninap Beach Camp is one of the more affordable campsites in the area. It boasts of a family-oriented setup that is perfect for traveling families or groups. Considered a surfer’s paradise by many, the surfing campsite has waves that even seasoned and avid surfers will enjoy. 

d.) Nakatagong Paraiso

Considered as a hidden gem in Real, Quezon, Nakatagong Paraiso is an excellent blend of nature and adventure. The soothing sound of the streams and rivers is enough to rejuvenate and invigorate you. Nakatagong Rizal is a great place for campers who wish to go forest bathing. Apart from being an established campsite with a relatively flat and even campground, the views are nice and are in proximity to the river. The camp caretaker is very accommodating to guests as well. As an added bonus, you can even take your pets with you.

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