Siargao Foodventure: The Top Restaurants in Siargao You Should Never Miss

When one thinks of Siargao, one does not automatically think of the array of restaurants one can try.

In fact, it is quite rare for a tourist or traveler to visit Siargao solely for the food. After all, the place is known for their breathtaking beaches, unbeatable surf spots and its emerging nightlife scene. Being one of the surfing capitals of the country (second only to La Union), it is inevitable for people to visit Siargao for the waves, but stay for the extraordinary tropical island experience. Known for having surf-worthy waves all year-round, Siargao is undeniably one of the country’s most-visited islands. A little province off the coast of Surigao del Norte, this island with a stretch of white sand attracts backpackers from all over the world and locals alike.

As the island is only a little over an hour away from the capital city, Metro Manila by plane, Filipinos have since regarded it as one of the places to cross off their summer bucket list. It is home to passionate surfers and friendly locals who were once natives to the cosmopolitan lifestyle. After deciding to leave bustling cities in favor of a tropical lifestyle, they settled their roots in Siargao and never looked back. However, while Siargao might be attractive in terms of diverse scenery and white sand beaches, it is also home to world-class cuisine, healthy food choices as well as local food specialties.

What is interesting about Siargao’s cuisine is its distinct diversity that you would not expect in small and previously unknown islands. The array of sundry restaurants and food options Siargao in Siargao can be attributed to the fact that many foreigners have decided to formally settle in this little island. In turn (and perhaps a way of giving back), they have decided to open their own restaurants and add to the diverse culinary scene of Siargao. From oven-baked pizzas, vegan options, healthy bowls to local eats, Siargao definitely packs a punch when it comes to mouthwatering and delicious dishes–even for a small island.

So, if you plan on visiting Siargao soon, here are some of the best restaurants on the island for your pre or post-surf meals:

Warung Restaurant

Warung Restaurant is the in-house restaurant of Siagrao Island Villas. The brainchild of Chef Nurela Tussifa, Warung specializes in authentic Indonesian dishes. Born and raised in Indonesia, Chef Tussifa decided to share some of Indonesia’s best and beloved dishes to the locals and travelers of Siargao using her mother, Chef Kaka’s own recipes. Warung, which literally translates to small restaurant in Indonesian language, serves indo salads, festival rice, street snacks, sweet treats, cold shakes and warm drinks and even traditional Filipino breakfast treats such as Beef Tapa, fried rice and egg (Tapsilog).

Kermit Siargao

If there is one restaurant travelers should try in Siargao, it should be none other than Kermit Siargao. It is said that Kermit has one of the best tasting pizzas not only in the island, but in the country as well. In fact, Kermit’s pizzas are said to be so good and popular that diners would often find it difficult to secure a spot in the restaurant without a prior reservation. Kermit’s pizzas, which are baked in a brick oven using only the freshest ingredients, are the star of the restaurant and it is often said that your Siargao experience would be incomplete without getting to taste Siargao’s very own popular pizza joint.

Bravo Restaurant Siargao

Like Warung, Bravo Restaurant is an in-house restaurant of a resort. In this case, it is the in-house restaurant of Bravo Beach Resort. Specializing in Spanish cuisine, Bravo Restaurant serves the best croquettes and truffle fries on the island. More importantly, diners are treated to a picturesque view of the Pensangan Reef and the Pacific Ocean while they are enjoying their food–a treat for both the tastebuds and the eyes.

Kalinaw Restaurant

One of the pricier options in Siargao, Kalinaw translates to peaceful in Filipino. This late night spot and beach restaurant serves mostly French cuisine and is run by two French guys who were so fascinated by Siargao’s beauty that they decided to formally settle on the island set up their very own French restaurant. Some of their best and most beloved dishes are the fish carpaccio, four-cheese ravioli and truffle pasta and like most of the restaurants in Siargao, you can enjoy your meal while being treated to an excellent view of the beach.


Harana is one of the late night hotspots in Siargao that doubles as a restaurant. It is a modern surf resort whose food servings and items are a reflection of their local pride. The restaurant is known for serving delectable Filipino dishes with a unique twist that diners are sure to enjoy. If you wish to make the most of your visit, be sure to visit Harana on Fridays or Saturdays as these days are their Open Jam Nights.


Travelers who are looking for healthy or vegan alternatives and options should definitely visit Shaka. Shaka is an all-day breakfast bar that serves colorful smoothie bowls, specialty coffee and cold-pressed dishes. One of the great things about Shaka is how their power bowls are so incredibly filling that you would be surprised how healthy the meal is given how full you would feel after.

Buddha’s Surf Resort and Restaurant

Buddha’s Surf Resort and Restaurant advocates healthy and organic living as well as being sustainable. As much as possible, the restaurant grows their own produce in-house or sources their ingredients from local organic farms. More importantly, their seafood is sourced locally, caught fresh and served on the same day. In this regard, diners at Buddha can expect only the best from their food. If there is anything you must try at this restaurant, it should be any of their curry dishes as the flavors are well-balanced, aromatic and beautifully garnished–much like how Thai curry should be.

Siargao Bed and Brew

A fresh new face to the island of Siargao, Siargao Bed and Brew is a brand new hangout that promises to be a curator of good times. Combining the comfort of a vacation rental with a unique restaurant that serves an array of food selections, Siargao Bed and Brew is slated to become the island’s next and newest hotspot. Offering a slew of crafted beers to complement your meal, this newly opened stomping ground is sure to become your next favorite.

So, after a day of surfing, caving and island hopping, be sure to sample some of the best grub in Siargao. After all, a vacation trip would be seemingly incomplete if not for trying out the local hotspots and restaurants. Make your trip memorable and so much more fulfilling by trying at least some of Siargao’s best restaurants, so that by the time you return home, Siargao would not only be a surf city in your memory, but a town of gastronomic offers as well. 

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