The Best Decathlon Camping Gears in the Philippines 2024

By now, we are all aware that having the right gear for a camping excursion is paramount.

If you have been itching to go camping anytime soon, know that packing the right camping equipment can mean the difference between a smooth, comfortable camping experience and one that can potentially go awry. In this regard, you should never even think about planning a camping trip if you do not have all the essentials with you. Determining what kind of gear to bring for your camping trip depends largely on the kind of camping trip you have in mind. What you need for a small drive somewhere for several day hikes is vastly different from what you need if you wish to go on an extended hike deep into the forest for several days. With this in mind, you need to make a clear distinction of whether you want to go camping or backpacking. Determining the kind of trip you are going to have is pivotal as the equipment you bring will depend on it. Campers typically drive somewhere and camp out of that location while backpackers hike in and then make camp with what they have brought with them.

With this in mind, the gear best suited for the kind of trip you have typically has to do with packability and weight. In this regard, you might want to consider which you will spend more time doing (camping or backpacking) when you purchase for gear. Backpacking gear tends to be a bit pricier than other standard camping gears as it focuses on weight. However, it makes for an excellent purchase–particularly if you find yourself outdoors often–as it is useful for both backpacking and camping. In any case, if you are planning to stock up on backpacking and camping gear, be on the lookout for the brand too. One such brand that has been making waves in the Philippines Decathlon–the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. The brand entered the Philippine market back in 2017 and has since permeated the sporting goods market with an affordable range of sporting and camping goods. So, if you have given backpacking or camping any serious thought, you might want to stock up on gear at Decathlon Philippines.


Camping is a highly personal experience and each individual may have a different set of things to bring depending on their strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires. However, this is not to say that each of you will have totally different sets of items to bring. While your camping pack might be distinct, your equipment would not be entirely different from that of the others. This is imperative as it helps you determine which items you would need to bring individually and which ones can be divvied up among members of the group.

Below is a list of basic camping gears and supplies that should always be in every camper’s pack. These are the gears and items that each of you should have in your camper’s pack:

A. Sleeping Bag

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A sleeping bag (camping blanket) is necessary in keeping you warm while you are sleeping out in the elements (it serves as a cushion for your body too!). Some campers tend to bring a sleeping pad too, but you can do away with that if you can sleep just about anywhere. Most campers might want to use a tent, but extreme campers would prefer an enclosed or bivvy-style bag which will protect you from rain.

B. Water Bottle

Water bottles are important for every camping trip as this will keep you hydrated during your hike. Some brands may even allow you to cook soup in them. So, when scouting for water bottles, be sure to be on the lookout for what you need so that you can purchase the right brand for it.

C. Flashlight

Every camper should have a flashlight with them at all times. While they are useful for safety reasons, they are good for your sanity as well (sharing a flashlight is absolutely no fun at all). Even if you are bringing a headlight with you, it would bode you well if you also brought a flashlight as well.

D. Multitool

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One of the most important things in any campers pack is a good multitool. Multitools are pretty much the Swiss Army knives of modern outdoor enthusiasts. A good multitool allows you to have several tools in one compact and convenient package. Even the most basic multitools will feature scissors, knives, common utensils, screwdrivers, pliers and a whole myriad of stuff. With a multitool, you have less to worry about and as with almost every camping gear decision, you need to balance the forces of weight and luxury. In this regard, consider your needs meticulously and carefully when making a choice.

E. Survival Kit

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A survival kit is one of the very first things you should pack before going on a trip lest you forget it. A basic survival kit contains everything you might possibly need to survive should anything untoward unfold during your trip. While commercially assembled survival kits are readily available for sale, others prefer to create a personalized survival kit themselves. Again, this all depends on what you need.


1.) Camping Chairs

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Decathlon Ph has a variety of affordable camping chairs to suit any kind of camper out there. From comfort camping chairs perfect for lounging to camping tripods for easier packing, Decathlon has almost every camping chair available to suit any kind of backpacking needs.

2.) Tents

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As one of the essentials in most camping trips, it is inevitable for Decathlon to have some of the market’s best camping tents, With a wide array of choices (from 2 person trekking tents to family camping tents), Decathlon PH has made it easier for Filipinos to have access to a myriad of tent options in just one shop.

3.) Cookset

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As said above, a camping gear’s packability and weight play pivotal factors in deciding whether an item is essential or not. Luckily, Decathlon PH has ensured that you do not have to stick to the elements just to cook and eat. With their 2 person hiker’s camp stainless cooksets, you can easily have all of your cookware and utensils packed into a single pan.

4.) Headlamp

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Decathlon PH has a variety of headlamps ranging from affordable to expensive. They even have rechargeable headlamps perfect for campers and backpackers who do not wish to buy batteries every now and then to get their headlamps working.

5.) Rechargeable lamps

Decathlon Ph’s rechargeable camping dynamo lamp promises to comfortably light up two people. Lightweight and compact, its design allows it to be packed conveniently into your bags. With an integrated hook, it is easy to hang just about anywhere. Additionally, the lamp is waterproof making it usable even in inclement weather.

6.) Mallet

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While some might think that mallets are a weighty addition to your bags, they are incredibly useful in ensuring that tent pegs are driven into the ground. In this regard, your tents are secure and with the mallet’s dual design, you can remove tent pegs more easily by the time you head out.

7.)  Solar Shower

Decathlon Ph has created a camping pressure shower designed exclusively for showering outdoors as well as cleaning clothing. What is great about Decathlon’s design is you no longer have to hang up the shower as the water will be pressurized even if the shower is on the ground with the shower’s unique pumping system. This is a perfect camping gear for campers who wish to rough it out in the wild where no showers (or any means of taking a bath) are available.

8.)  Shower Tent

Decathlon Ph’s shower tent complements the brand’s solar shower to afford campers some privacy when they are taking a bath. With its easy opening/and closing design, popping it up and pitching it takes about only two seconds maximum. More importantly, its small size dimensions ensure that you can easily pack it inside your bag.

Keep in mind that in packing for your trip, you need to consider that your needs are a little different than the others. Conversely, while you might have distinct sets, there are also items that can be shared and divvied up among your camping group. Make your own lists and be sure to pack all the essentials such as medication and hygiene products (or anything else that makes you feel a little more human after being out in the woods for days or weeks at a time). However, even with all that considered, never forget the basic rule of thumb: If you are camping, feel free to pack the car with as much stuff as you wish but if you are backpacking, keep it to the bare minimum of essential tools and needs.  

For your camping needs and essentials, shop at Philippine Camping Gears Online Shop.

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