WK Adventures: A Take on Astrophotography

As avid travelers and intrepid adventurers, it is only inevitable for WK Adventures to dedicate a few blog posts to Astrophotography. With the blog website’s dedication to nature and the bloggers’ affinity for outdoor activities, astrophotography touches a unique aspect in camping that incorporates aspects of nature as well as outdoor activities. However, this is one area in camping that does more than just your ordinary jaunt out in the woods. As camping became more of a commonplace outdoor activity recently, camping enthusiasts and backpacking aficionados have soon found ways to spice up the adventure with nocturnal activities to ensure that the fun goes well into the night.

To many campers, stargazing is not an entirely new concept. However, if one chooses to delve in deeper into the study of celestial bodies found in the sky and take stunning photos in lieu of committing them to memory, one should learn a thing or two about astrophotography. WK Adventures’ first foray into the world of Astrophotography is first demonstrated in the article “A Beginner’s Guide to Astrophotography in the Philippines” which was published just last December. In this article, WK Adventures has elucidated the true meaning of the word “Astrophotography”. Simply put, it has explained that Astrophotography is the photography of any object in the sky with the use of any type of camera–be that a straightforward point-and-shoot camera or a Hubble Space Telescope. In the same way, the article has explained that while astrophotography is a relatively new and small niche as compared to other interests relating to the outdoors, it has steadily been gaining traction over the years. WK Adventures’ Guide to Astrophotography details how Astrophotography came to be. The article also took care to enumerate all the various types of astrophotography that can take place.


These are the photographs taken with a telescope as these objects are far way into the night sky. Deep space photographs can include everything from distant galaxies to intriguing nebulas.


As the name suggests, wide angle astrophotography is the type of astrophotography that uses a wide field of view. This means that this type of astrophotography can onlu be done with wide or super-wide lenses.  


Time-lapse astrophotography is a type of astrophotography that requires you take as many exposure shots over a certain period. Once you have collated all the images, you combine it to create one seamless video.


This type of astrophotography simply means taking photographs of everything that can be found in our solar system.

Apart from the various kinds of astrophotography, the article also discussed some quick starting tips for beginners and novices who are new to the world of astrophotography. The article has detailed how practicing and experimenting is pivotal to learning about astrophotography. In the same way, the article has also stated the ideal setting for your camera when capturing the stars, shooting in RAW file format as well as experimenting with white balance.

WK Adventures’ next article on Astrophotography itemized the best places for Astrophotography in the Philippines. Similarly, the article has explained the main difference between visual astronomy and photographic astronomy. Simply put, visual astronomy is pretty much stargazing whereas photographic astronomy involves a camera and capturing still or moving objects in the night sky. The article then provided a list of the best places for Astrophotography in the Philippines with a brief description why.

WK Forest Reserve Campgrounds

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As one of Rizal’s best-kept secrets, WK Forest Reserve and Campgrounds made it into the list as a favorite among 4X5 enthusiasts. The secluded feel of the camp ensures that campers get the best and unimpeded view of the stars.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Mt. Gulugod Baboy’s inclusion in the list is not purely by chance. Apart from the curious name, the campsite offers an expansive view of the sea from its mountaintop ensuring that you are underneath a blanket of stars by nighttime.

Laiya, Batangas

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Known as one of the best places in Luzon for stargazing, Laiya has remained mostly untouched. As the place has no active nightlife, campers can enjoy a night of gazing at the stars.

Cagbalete Island

Laidback and relaxed, Cagbalete Island offers an unobstructed view of the stars. While mostly consisting of beach spots, the island is also ideal for astrophotography.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Not only a surfer’s paradise but a stargazer’s as well, Cloud 9 Boardwalk in Siargao is one of the few places in the Philippines where you can witness the most arresting sunsets and a dappled stunning picture of the night sky.


Image Source

The great thing about Zambales is that even its well-known hotspots and coves are places ideal for astrophotography.

Tinalisayan Island

As a lesser-known beach hotspot in the Philippines, Tinalisayan Island in Masbate enjoys its anonymity. In this regard, it has a breathtaking view of the night sky where it is said you can even see the milky-way galaxy.

Mount Pulag

As one of the famous campsites in the Philippines, Mount Pulag has certainly a lot to offer in terms of awe-inspiring views and star-spangled night skies making it a premier spot for astrophotography.

Calaguas Island

Allowing visitors to explore heaven on earth, Calaguas Isand is place that has a serene and tranquil vibe perfect for stargazing and astrophotography.


Being the most cinematic place in the Philippines, it is inevitable for Batanes to be a visual delight whether it be day or night. In this regard, you can expect some of the most arresting astrophotography views here.

To wrap up its articles on Astrophotography, WK Adventures details how light pollution can be the sole cause why stars are no longer appreciated in the city. However, the article has asserted that if you wish to see the stars, all you need is to chase them in your hometown and so that you may never forget them, take your cameras and snap some shots of the sky.

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