Exploring Sagada: Where to Eat in Sagada

“You have to taste a culture to understand it”

-Deborah Cater.

Sagada is mostly regarded as an inviting retreat where you can escape the humidity of the city and bask in the beautiful and lush scenery of the mountain regions.

Tourists who make their way to this part of Northern Luzon find themselves sampling the province’s exemplary coffee, trying out thrilling outdoor activities, or immersing themselves in the local culture. However, food lovers know that traveling to any place is incomplete without a good meal.

After all, it is through food that you can witness (and taste) much of a particular place’s culture. Indeed, gastronomy is a pivotal aspect of the entire travel experience. In most cases, it is what we typically remember about certain places. The same can be said for those heading to the Mountain Province, and as a foodie, you should never miss out on the restaurants in Sagada. So, pepper your itinerary with good food by knowing where to eat Sagada. The province has a little bit of everything, from the quaint restaurants that offer delicious delights to the aromatic coffee they are seemingly well-known for.

Make that twelve-hour trip worthwhile and indulge yourself in a culinary adventure with the restaurants listed below:

a.) Sagada Lemon Pie House

If you are particularly fond of citrus-flavored dishes, then you will love Sagada Lemon Pie House. Of course, it goes without saying that this restaurant’s best-selling menu item is their lemon pie, which you should try while there. The citrusy pasty is made special as the restaurant owner claims to have used his Ilocana mother’s secret recipe. Apart from that, he has also stated that he has made an effort to improve the recipe for 12 years by honing the right amounts of ingredients and polishing the baking recipes. So, once you have a slice of the restaurant’s famous pastry, you can delight in a recipe that the chef spent twelve years perfecting. In fact, the restaurant’s lemon pie is so good that it has made its way to Metro Manila through resellers.

b.) Sagada Brew

Indulge your sweet tooth by having another round of lip-smacking desserts at Sagada Brew. While it is located on the far-end side of Sagada Road, it is definitely worth the visit. Some of the menu items you should definitely try are their mountain tea and their best-selling cafe latte. If you are feeling a little peckish after your walk along the streets of Sagada, the restaurant also offers rice meals such as caldereta, roast beef, oriental barbecue, and orange chicken.

c.) Gaia Cafe and Crafts

Beyond food and beverages, Gaia Cafe and Crafts offers diners a breathtaking dining experience with their treehouse cafe overlooking the Sagada mountains. Like its moniker, most of Gaia Cafe and Crafts is made of scraps and art materials. The interior design of the restaurant itself somewhat feels like an art installation, but what makes it magical is the scenic vista of mountain ranges. In fact, many would say that the view itself makes the restaurant worth the visit. However, their restaurant also excels in providing diners with farm-to-table delicacies and healthy vegetarian meals. Gaia Cafe and Crafts’s menu primarily features rice meals, noodles, snacks, pasta, and coffee.

d.) Yoghurt House

Regarded as Sagada’s pioneer in serving the fermented milk product, Yoghurt House features an array of flavors that will delight anyone craving the icy treat. Today, Yoghurt House’s homemade yogurt is the most popular in town, with flavors such as strawberry, honey, banana, and granola for dessert. Beyond the soft and cold desserts, however, the restaurant also serves full meals such as spicy chicken curry, pan-fried beef, and an open pork sandwich.

e.) Strawberry Cafe

It is said that if there is one restaurant that could rival the desserts of Yoghurt House, it would be Strawberry Cafe. Serving yogurts and milkshakes, Strawberry Cafe may just give its competitors a run for their money with its tasty treats. This cafe is so special because they grow their own strawberries, ensuring that your food is fresh, healthy, and organic. Apart from desserts, this cafe is known for its king-sized pancakes and brewed coffee, which you should try if you wish to have a great start to your mornings at Sagada.

f.) Salt and Pepper

Favored by both locals and travelers, Salt and Pepper feature primarily Filipino dishes such as longganisa, corned beef, and tapa. Beyond their breakfast fares, however, one unique dish that stands out is their etag (cured pork) pizza. If you are a pizza lover with a taste for exotic food, you may want to taste something out of the ordinary, such as their pizza.

g.) Isangwow Cafe by the Clouds

For a truly unique dining experience, have a cup of coffee paired with a plate of pancakes at Isangwow Cafe by the Clouds. Here, you come for the food but stay for the out-of-this-world views. Be sure to come before the sun rises. If you are lucky, you will witness a panoramic view of white pillowy clouds hovering over the mountains while enjoying your meal. Do not expect anything too fancy here, though, as the restaurant mostly serves silog meals for breakfast. However, if you want something a little sweet, you can try their camote fries dipped in wild honey while taking in the breathtaking view.

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