Coron Eats: Where to Eat in Coron

“The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.”

– J.A. Brillat- Savarin.

Incredible, breathtaking, spectacular—these are just a few choice words to describe the beautiful tropical destination that is Coron.

Hailed as one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines, it should come as no surprise that both foreign and local tourists often visit the island. The powdery white shores, seaside resorts, mountain groves, lush greenery, hidden coves, limestone cliffs, and pristine freshwater are just some of the many things that attract travelers to this coastal town year after year.

As a premier diving site, a world-class destination, and a destination frequented for its World War 2 era shipwreck diving spots, Filipinos are, indeed, incredibly spoiled for choice when it comes to activities to do on the island. Their options run the gamut from snorkeling and diving to lounging at the beach and island hopping. To have a full and immersive experience, tourists often join tour packages to ensure that they can explore all of these treasured destinations and explore new sites. However, while Coron is pretty much known for its fair share of picturesque beaches and shipwreck diving sites, it has recently been regarded as a food enthusiast’s playground. Indeed, the island has made quite a name for itself, and its prime location near the coast makes it an excellent place to sample seafood cuisine along with other Filipino and other international dishes. You can elevate your dining experience and make it even more special by having your meal by the seaside or at a beachfront restaurant with unbeatable views of the sea. Whatever your choice may be, you can always make your experience more unforgettable by dining at some of the best restaurants the island has to offer, listed down below:

a.) Karl’s BBQ

A plate of grilled meat after spending a day at the beach always sounds like a good idea. Located at San Agustin Street in the Coron town proper, Karl’s BBQ is the ideal place to enjoy a filling plate of grub and some budget-friendly Filipino meals. They are well-known for their variety of grilled meats, such as barbecues, but their baby back ribs have always remained a crowd favorite. Their meals come in huge servings and are beloved for their tender and juicy texture. Apart from grilled meats, they also have a wide array of fresh seafood selections.

b.) Sharky’s Restobar

Looking for something to complement a cold bottle of beer? Then head on over to Sharky’s Restobar. Located along Dinagpan Road at the Coron Town Proper, the restaurant’s entrance can be made out by its large shark figurine. Much like the shark from Jaws, the restaurant’s campy figurine suspended mid-air has been regarded by tourists as a popular spot for photo-ops. They serve Filipino favorites such as beef papaitan and crispy pata and bar snacks such as crocodile sisig, buffalo wings, and Elmhurst shrimp. Do not forget to try their pizzas as they are said to be a crowd pleaser.

c.) Kawayanan Grill

A popular lunch stop for many tourists availing of Coron tour package itineraries, Kawayanan Grill is a restaurant popularly known for its delicious but affordable dishes. It features a casual alfresco area with wooden dining tables that are separated by thatched-roof huts. Any visit to Coron Island would be incomplete without sampling some of the island’s freshest seafood—all of which you can have at Kawayanan. They are known for their diverse selection of seafood and exotic dishes as well as their seafood platter. Some of the exotic meals you can try at these restaurants are Crocodile sisig and Bird’s Nest soup.

d.) Epic Island Cafe Coron

Serving breakfast all day, best complemented by their locally roasted coffee specials, Epic Island Cafe Coron is another restaurant that deserves a spot in your itinerary. Their breakfast options include silog specials such as garlic fried rice and eggs with a choice of bacon slices, Wagyu corned beef, marinated beef strips, or “tapa” at the side. Do not let the cafe’s unassuming facade fool you, as they have quite the selection of food, from delectable breakfast meals to delicious pastries (the lava cake is said to be the best on the island). The cafe also has a filling, savory menu that would make any visit worth it. They serve baby back ribs grilled in a wood-fired oven, which is a must-try for anyone who loves ribs.

e.) Poco Deli Coron

If you are looking for Italian food to finish off the day with, head on over to Poco Deli Coron. This Italian Restaurant and Deli offers some European favorites and comfort food tinged with Irish, German, and Spanish flavors. They are also known for using only the highest quality ingredients and meats, such as Angus Beef, French Pork, and Japanese Wagyu, which are all marinated and flavored with the best Italian spices. Indeed, dining here is quite the experience.

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