Metro Manila Eats: The Best Seven New Restaurants in Metro Manila

“Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul.”

-Malcolm Forbes. 

As the capital of the country, it should come as no surprise for Metro Manila to be the epicenter of all things happening. 

That said, it is inevitable for the city to have the most happening events, the freshest food finds, hippest cafes, the newest malls, and trendy hangouts. As a bustling city, Metro Manila is no stranger to brand new eateries and fresh restaurants that pop in almost every nook and corner of the city. With the sheer size of the city, however, the overwhelming dining options can be somewhat dizzying. As a food enthusiast, you only want to try the best of the best—especially since now that most cities are coming back to life. With so many restaurants, bars, bakeries, wine bars, cafes, and the like popping up left and right, you may find yourself asking: “Where is the best place I could be eating right now?” 

So, if you are wondering where your next food haunts in the capital city should be, read on and add them to your future food crawl itineraries: 

1.) Greyhound Cafe (SM Aura) 

Located inside SM Aura’s Mall, a cafe popular in Thailand opened just earlier this year. Greyhound Cafe is one of Thailand’s most popular cutting-edge lifestyle brands and is now famously known for being a fresh, hop, and trendy cafe. While they serve traditional Thai food, they offer twists to it that elevate the dining experience at their cafe. Some of the notable food items from their menu are the Complicated Noodle, Fried Tons of Crab Meat with Rice, Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Sauce, and of course, they would not miss having the Thai classic, Pad Thai on their menu as well. 

2.) Manduca Taberna (Fort Bonifacio) 

The brainchild of friends Chef Amado and Ricardo Lopez, Manduca Taberna is a Spanish restaurant that aims to give Filipinos an authentic taste of Madrid. The restaurant’s overall ambiance is not only reminiscent of Spanish charm, but you also get to enjoy the laidback atmosphere paired with the comfort of Madrileno-style food. The restaurant also offers an array of affordable cocktails and an excellent selection of wine. 

3.) Tatatito (Legazpi Village, Makati) 

One of Makati’s newest restaurants, Tatatito, is the newest addition to the McWilson Group’s Tokyo Bubble Tea. Like many Bubble Tea restaurants in Metro Manila, Tatatito is laidback and bright, which is not only limited to their interiors and decors but their menu of homecooked-style Filipino food as well. 

4.) Sawsaw ((Poblacion, Makati) 

Fans of Kapampangan food need not travel all the way to the culinary capital just to get their food fix now that Sawsaw has opened in Poblacion. Sawsaw is conceptualized by the Kapampangan talent behind Cafe Fleur, a well-known and beloved restaurant in Pampanga. Sawsaw, however, takes a different take on its menu with the chef Sau del Rosario combining familiar Filipino flavors with modern techniques and international delicacies—from the escargot Laing to the bibingka souffle. So, if you have been looking for food that is somewhat distinct but still familiar, Sawsaw might just be the restaurant you are looking for. 

5.) Deuces Coffee (Legazpi Village, Makati) 

As a relatively recent addition to the newest establishments to pop in Legazpi’s cafe scene, Deuces Coffee is understandably on its trial run. However, it seems to be doing well so far. Beyond its extensive list of caffeinated beverages, Deuces Coffee also has its fair share of craft drinks. Those who wish to get their grub on need not worry; the neighborhood coffee shop also features a spread of familiar comfort food such as katsu curry and beef tapa. What makes this coffee shop even better is that patrons can bring their furry friends as they are pet-friendly!

6.) Ember by Josh Boutwood ( Greenbelt 3, Makati) 

In a nutshell, Ember’s chef explained that his restaurant is not about all the frills. Rather, it is about the simple, good, easy, yet excellent. This bold philosophy and sentiment have translated well into Ember’s food seeing as the ingredient-driven approach has produced a curated menu that is definitely worth trying when you are in the area. So, if you have been looking for something innovative and groundbreaking, head on over to this swanky, retro restaurant and see for yourself how the ingenuity unfolds. 

7.) Deo Gracias (Quezon City) 

A result of the brilliant partnership of chefs Heny Sison and Alex del Hoyo Gomez, Deo Gracias is a product of culinary innovation. The restaurant takes beloved Spanish staples and reinvents them while still paying homage to the traditional food. Here you can have croquetas liquidas de queso that will send your mouth watering with its luscious cheese that oozes with every bite. Their version of tataki even takes it a step further by swapping out the tuna with watermelon, honeycomb, and orange. Diners who are looking for something a little conventional, however, are also catered for too. Some of the restaurant’s crowd favorites are their cochinillo castellano and arroz negro. So, if you are particularly fond of Spanish cuisine, you should definitely give Deo Gracias a try. 

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