Outdoor Activities to Try in Pampanga

must-try outdoor activities in pampanga like trekking to mt pinatubo crater lake

If you think Pampanga is all food, food, and food because it is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, think again. Pampanga is also famous for its various offerings for outdoor activities. A case in point is the list of must-try activities in the province.

Must-try outdoor activities in Pampanga

1) Ride a 4×4 going to Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake

A 4×4 ride going to Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake is the ultimate outdoor adventure. There are various jump-off points, although the most popular is the one that crosses the zigzagging rivers and sandy terrains while basking in the magnificence of the fantastic views. The open-back rides are up to the foothills only, after which you need to trek to the crater lake.

2) Conquer fears at Deca Wakeboard Park

If you want to learn how to wakeboard but Laguna, where another wake park is located, is too far from you, then Deca Wakeboard Park is the place to be. The park features jumps and obstacles catering to various skill levels. Equipment is available for rental at the wake park. If not Laguna, there is another wake park in Lubao called Pradera Verde.

3) Cool down at Miyamit Falls

Miyamit Falls is a famous waterfall in Porac. While it takes a long trek to go to the falls, the view that awaits is definitely worth it. The place is nature at its finest—the feel of the cold water against your skin and the sound of water hitting the rocks will surprisingly soothe you. So dip in the basin all you want but do not forget to secure a permit from the municipal hall of Porac.

4) Go bird watching at Candaba Swamp

There are very few places in the Philippines to do bird watching; one is in Nuvali. But Pampanga has Candaba Swamp, a 32,000-hectare wetland. Here, you will see various bird species, such as Philippine ducks, white egrets, streaked reed-warbler, and white-breasted herons. You will see them in the grasslands, marshes, and freshwater pools.

5) Experience an adrenaline rush at SandBox

SandBox is a famous destination in Alviera in Porac. As an adventure park, it offers various activities from wall climbing to rollercoaster zipline. Other attractions include ATV rides to the foothills of Mt. Pinatubo and outdoor archery. SandBox also provides the newest campground in Pampanga, WCamp, which is also situated in the Alviera estate.

6) Watch live shows at Dinosaurs Island

One of the most unique outdoor activities in Pampanga is the Dinosaurs Island in Mabalacat. As the name suggests, the place features animatronic dinosaur displays, and there are several of them inside. Other areas worth exploring are the World of Fun, Jurassic Safari Ride, 7D Super Screen Theater, and Fossil Museum.

7) Explore Air Force City Park

Air Force City Park is a recreational facility where actual fighter aircrafts are seen on display. These aircraft were used during the Second World War. People may climb on them and experience what it was like inside the plane. In addition, there is a park library where guests can read about the aircrafts. After exploring the place, you may gather at the picnic area for a hearty lunch or merienda.

8) Mediate in nature at Puning Hot Spring

Puning Hot Spring is a not-so-hidden gem in Angeles City. Going to the place involves a 4×4 ride since you will cross rugged terrains and narrow streams, but the site makes everything worth it. Relax in nature while enjoying the therapeutic bath. The water is warm enough to rejuvenate your entire body.

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