WK Adventures and Philippine Food Tourism

“Food brings people together on many different levels. It is the nourishment of the soul and body. It is truly love”

-Giada De Laurentis

Regardless of our relationship with it, there is no doubt that food plays a pivotal role in how we go about our day.

The partaking of a meal is so much more than just a means to nourish ourselves. It has become such an integral part of everyone’s day that we stop whatever it is that we are doing just to eat. Moreover, it has become an avenue for social conventions insomuch that we invite family and friends over to dine with us. As food has become more than just a source of sustenance, it is inevitable for it to have a crucial role in travel insomuch that it gave rise to the concept of food tourism. Today, while people may travel to see new places and explore various cities, there are also a good chunk of travelers that travel for their love for food.

After all, it has been posited that the best way to experience a foreign city or place is to eat your way through it. More importantly, sampling a particular city or place’s food fares is one of the ways you learn about their culture while getting to taste different but distinct flavors than that of which you are used to. Getting to taste new flavors and trying out new dishes allows you to experience the world of travel in a brand new light. From the world renowned lechon of Cebu to the famous pizzas in Italy, there is always something worth trying. The possibilities are endless and they satiate your appetite as well. A little-known fact about our appetites: they make excellent compasses for finding the most authentic and memorable experiences solely in the form of what you eat from your plate. With all that said, you should consider and give traveling the globe guided by what your stomach wants a try.

WK Adventures knows the significance of food in the world of tourism insomuch that it has highlighted some of the country’s best offers. In this article, we will provide a condensed discussion on the selection of food items found in some of the Philippine cities where food is definitely worth traveling for.


What better way to start this list than the culinary capital of the country itself? Pampanga is an excellent place to dip your feet into the world of food tourism locally. After all, it is not considered the culinary capital of the country for nothing. Beyond the world famous beer match, sisig, some of the restaurants you should definitely try are Everybody’s Cafe where you should definitely try the Morcon which is also the restaurant’s best seller. Those who have a hankering for sisig should definitely try only the best which is Aling Lucing’s Sisig. Expand your palate by trying Mila’s Tokwa at Baboy and Historic Camalig. Do not leave the city without stopping by The Original Razon and Cafe Fleur on your way home.

For more information about Pampanga Food, you may read any of the following:


Regarded as the Queen City of the South, Cebu is mostly known for its myriad of powdery white sand beaches and the world famous lechon. However, the city has quite a lot to offer beyond lechon. If you are looking for a food trip unlike any other, you should definitely head on over to the Queen City of the South and go on a food tour. Of course, a visit to Cebu would be incomplete without lechon. To begin your food journey, stop by Alejo’s lechon which is said to have the juiciest meat and crunchiest skin among the roast pigs offered in Cebu. Seafood lovers should visit Part’ebelle Seafood Restaurant where the seafood is always served fresh. Meanwhile, individuals who are looking for a little flair to their meals should try one of Cebu’s Michelin awarded restaurants, The Pig and Palm or Tymad Bistro. Intrepid foodies who wish to try something different should try Azul’s Tuslob Buwa (pig brain fondue). If that proves to be a little too much, you can always ease yourself to the world of daring eats in Cebu by trying out the food stalls near CDU first where they serve fried pig intestines.


As the sugar bowl of the country, Bacolod will inevitably have a selection of some of the country’s best pastries and desserts. However, the city of smiles has more to offer than just sweet desserts and beloved pastries. In fact, Bacolod is known to have the best chicken inasal in the country. It said to be so tasty that you would no longer look at chicken barbecue the same way after trying how Bacolod does it. The city also serves cansi which is their very own version of the ever-famous bulalo or pochero–but with a unique twist. Seafood lovers will find no shortage of seafood at Diotay’s Eatery and Ading’s Pala Pala while those who are looking for Filipino home cooked meals will love Aboy’s and Imay’s Restaurant.


While Tanay is mostly known for its beautiful hiking and camping spots, it has a selection of restaurants that are definitely worth the visit. Kata Cafe is one of the restaurants beloved by travellers returning from Daranak Falls as it is just located along the highway in Tanay Rizal. Visitors who wish to enjoy the ambiance as well as the food should make it a point to visit Bulawan Floating Restaurant which is known as one of Tanay’s more unconventional eateries. Lutong Pugon is for pizza and Italian food enthusiasts while Mt. Tarangka Coffee Shop is for those who wish to cap off their visit with a steaming cup of joe.


Primarily regarded as one of the best surfing towns in the Philippines, it is inevitable for Siargao to become a tourism hotspot. With that said, Siargao has opened a variety of restaurants specializing in different cuisines. Undoubtedly, if there is one restaurant in Siargao that should be on everyone’s list, it should be Kermit which is said to be the island’s best pizzeria. Those with a hankering for Indonesian dishes should head on over the Warung while lovers of Spanish cuisine should visit Bravo. If you want to try a different take on local dishes, Harana and Kalinaw are great options while Shakka and Buddha Restaurant are for individuals who are looking for healthier alternatives.

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