Post-Pandemic Travel 2024: 14 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore Anymore

post-pandemic travel things you shouldn't ignore

Amidst the CoViD-19 pandemic, we all look forward to one thing: the vaccine.

Once the vaccine is up, it means we can go out freely. As such, the vaccine embodies our hopes that we can finally pursue the travel plans we had. Or just continue where we left off with those plans.

If there’s one good thing that the lockdown has brought that’s providing us with plenty of time to reflect on our life. Is this the life you’ve always wanted? Do you live for the moment? Or do you let life pass you by?

If you are reading this, consider yourself lucky because you lived. And if you lived, perhaps life is telling you something. Today is an opportunity to really stop and smell the roses—to be more appreciative of the beauty of life.

So much so, you can no longer ignore these things when traveling.

Things you can no longer ignore when traveling

Planning and anticipating the next trip

Have you planned a trip mindlessly before? As if the task is routinary that you just have to get over with? You just need to be somewhere else right now—is that it?

Post-pandemic, you will no longer ignore the importance of planning your next travel whether it’d be a road trip to Tanay, Rizal to Lucban, Quezon, or a sakura-filled month-long trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The devil is indeed in the details. But the small wins along the way—starting from planning—build the momentum until that day. From the moment you confirmed (and booked) the date, the excitement kicks in.

This is the feeling that you’d like to savor until the day comes.

Exploring new places

When was the last time you genuinely immerse yourself in exploring the new place in front of you? Do you have time to process which things make you antsy and excited at the same time? What about how committed are you in saving up for your next big adventure?

When you travel, you invest a little of your soul each time you go out of your comfort zone. It is like building an entirely different world based on various places in the world—places you’ve already visited or want to visit in the future.

Post-pandemic, you will treasure every moment you spend in that place, the people you meet, and even the learnings and challenges. This is especially true for how the place makes you feel, perhaps cultivating a yearning to visit again in the future and explore another side of it.

After all, you can never truly know a place in just one visit.

Creating moments that last

When you travel to a new place, what’s the first thing you do? You look for interesting things to do, right? That’s how you create moments—you interact with the place and the people around you.

You will come across numerous wonders for sure. Life is all about experiences, but you can only explore life through traveling when you are present at that moment. Turning moments into memories last so much longer than any ‘stuff.’

Post-pandemic, you’d want to create and capture moments—moments that are not just for plastering on your social media feeds, but moments that you’d want to reminisce with the same intensity and excitement.

Gaining new experiences

Discovery is at the heart of every travel. In fact, every place is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

Invest in experiences instead of material things, so they say. There is truth in this—experiences never seem to wear off, and they tend to leave a legacy. Tell me, did seeing the Stonehenge for the first time five years ago had already retired from your memory? What about the thrilling 4×4 ride you had, riding from place to place?

Post-pandemic, jump on the opportunity—on every occasion—to broaden your horizon, challenge yourself to try new things, and be more outrageous than you already are.

Spending time with a loved one

When we travel, we spend two things: money to impact our state of happiness and contentment and time with the most important people in our lives. You have a favorite travel buddy, right? That’s what he or she is to you: special.

We spend time with our special someone to deepen the relationship and grow together through exploring the world together. Doing so, you create memories with that person and experience priceless things that money often cannot buy.

Post-pandemic, you won’t hesitate when a special someone or the one asks you to accompany him or her somewhere. You will look forward to spending precious time with the person.

Feelings of being one with nature

Basking in nature’s magnificence is good for your whole being. It makes you happy, radiating towards how you interact with the world around you.

Environmentalists claim that we are already one with nature. We just have to realize ~ and internalize ~ this fact. We must co-exist; otherwise, one will perish if the other withers. A reassuring sense of connection and harmony is what’s at stake.

Post-pandemic, you should connect with nature in every sense of the word. You will create more time alone in nature to deepen the relationship between the two of you. One way to do so is to be more mindful of all things big or small, living, or non-living.

Taking a walk through nature

When things get a little apprehensive with various life challenges, all you need to do is to “walk it off.” You cannot underestimate how physically beneficial walking can be. It is called “nature pill” for a reason.

The gush of wind on your face or your feet on the grass while you build up the daily steps also makes you feel good. Walking improves positive emotion, keeping yourself from getting burned out.

Post-pandemic, you will not just squeeze in some time to be one with nature but to really put it on your itinerary to visit a wildlife sanctuary or public park. Even not a zoo or park, during your lull time, you will seize every opportunity to stop at the seaside and let your feet get wet by the rolling waves or absorb the panoramic view of the church perched at the foothill.

Getting more sunlight

Exposure to healthy sun promotes a wakeful state. It also gets you ready to tackle the day ahead, feeling calm and focused. All you need is 5 to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight to trigger its vitamin D-boosting benefits.

Post-pandemic, you will appreciate more what it means to feel the warmth of the sun. The sun comes up every morning, shining on you also signifies hope. It does not matter where you are in the world—what matters is you wake up to a brand new day.

Meeting new friends

Smiles never lose their sparkle. The funny thing about this is when you are in a foreign land, the strangers often have the sweetest smiles.

Post-pandemic, you will appreciate a handshake more. It means you gain one more friend that will make you more relaxed, more memorable, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.

In point fact, the memories you make with strangers often have an imprint on your heart. These are immeasurable experiences that you will take with you on your future travel no matter where you’ll be.

Experiencing random acts of kindness

Kindness knows no race, gender, class, age, and even educational attainment. Kindness is for everyone, transcending beyond borders, challenges, and limitations.

One beautiful thing about kindness is you can do something nice to others. And others too—they often act kindly towards both locals and tourists.

Post-pandemic, you will bank on more affectionate interactions, even if that means exchanging his and hellos or answering a few questions about where to find which place. Gentleness will rule your heart.

Having the ability to choose

You can make the conscious decision to travel, which means that you take control of your choices. You decide what you do with your resources because those are yours, and you worked hard to obtain them.

Post-pandemic, you will appreciate your ability to choose because you can. Having this ability allows you to process the world around you in your own terms and pace. You will also be more thankful that your choices can make a better person by deciding without any compromises.

Do you want to start a green lifestyle while traveling? Go for it! Do you want to participate in community activities? Do it. Would you like to be immersed culturally? Perhaps you should!

Having the ability to help

You don’t turn away from people who need help. That is at least one thing that our folks have told us growing up. Did you know that merely traveling is one way to help others too? For one, travel and tourism stimulates the economy by providing livelihood opportunities to the locals.

Post-pandemic, you will be more thankful that God has put you in a position to help others. Some people can and yet, choose not to help. This is inconceivable because you are given blessings upon blessings to share those blessings with others.

Seeing diversity

Every opportunity to travel is diverse in itself. It’s great to see diversity because we can learn various things from different cultures and lifestyles.

Post-pandemic, you will start to see diversity and its value to society. You will recognize your own biases and reduce them because that’s the right thing to do. You will start to cultivate your cultural sensitivity, so you’d know how to give the cultures, traditions, and the people the respect they deserve.

Hearing and giving compliments

Compliments make you feel good, whether you are giving or receiving them. It compels you to find the good in others despite facing adversities of your own.

Post-pandemic, you will not hesitate to compliment others genuinely. You’d know what to say at the right moment to the right person. Also, giving a genuine compliment is one of the easiest ways to show kindness to others. Best of all, it is free!

When the world allows you to travel once more—hopefully sooner, it should be a different you.

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