Puerto Princesa Cheap Eats: Five Affordable Restaurants in Puerto Princesa

“The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.”

-J.A. Brillat-Savarin 

One hardly thinks about the food offers when thinking about Puerto Princesa. 

Whenever any part of Palawan is mentioned, tourists and travelers are quick to think of the crystal clear cobalt blue waters, the fine powdery sand, and the lush verdant greenery of the island. Food is often overlooked and often dismissed as an afterthought, but it should not be. 

While Puerto Princesa is mostly regarded for its stunning beaches, it has its own fair share of reputable and world-class restaurants that make your trip to the island all the more worth it.  Puerto Princesa has a lot to offer in terms of restaurant and food options, and there is certainly somewhere to eat for every food enthusiast out there. The island’s best restaurants offer a diverse range of culinary delights to entice and stimulate the appetite of any hungry tourist. As the lively seaside city of the province, Puerto Princesa generously offers fresh seafood on a daily basis, complemented by a good choice of international and local flavors. Most international cuisines can be found here, with themes and settings ranging from fairly swanky establishments to beach bar-style joints. Rest assured, each restaurant featured in this list has lovingly put much effort into their decor as they do their menu and food preparation. 

 This article has curated a list of some of the best restaurants, cafes, and eateries in Puerto Princesa that should make it your itinerary. What makes these selections even better is that you can get your fill of quality good food without hurting your pockets—perfect for tourists and visitors traveling on a budget! 

a.) Kalui Restaurant 

Designed in a vintage Bohemian style with a Filipino twist in mind, Kalui Restaurant is not only a feast for the stomach but the eyes as well. The restaurant features a gallery of paintings created by local artists. They are renowned for their seafood specialties, but they also serve excellent vegetarian options. Here, you get an excellent mix of international and Filipino dishes—all prepared with fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s menu typically includes their catch of the day which often means crabs, prawn, tuna, and blue marlin. Prices are reasonable and typically depend on the weight of the catch. 

b.) Ka Inato Main Branch

Also known as Ka Inato San Manuel, Ka Inato is a native restaurant with lovely artistic interiors complemented by colorful wooden sculptures and carvings as accents. As their name suggests, their specialty is the Chicken Inato which is a local and well-known version of the chicken inasal. Apart from the famous chicken dish, their menu also features other Filipino favorites such as grilled squid, inihaw, and sinigang. If you feel a little daring and are itching to try something a bit more exotic, be sure to order a plate of their crocodile sisig as well. 

c.) Kinabuch Grill and Bar 

If you are a fan of major international sports events, be sure to include Kinabuch Grill and Bar in your itinerary. An incredibly popular sports bar and restaurant, Kinabuch has indoor and outdoor dining areas that feature large screens showing sports events. All throughout the year, the restaurant attracts a crowd of enthusiastic and diverse set of tourists. The restaurant is also known to be a family-friendly joint. Their menu includes a wide range of dishes—from sashimi to sizzling spareribs. Of course, you can also try the crocodile sisig, a dish popularized by Palawaenos, if you are feeling gastronomically adventurous. 

d.) Badjao Seafront Restaurant 

If you have a hankering for fresh seafood, be sure to make Badjao Seafront Restaurant one of your stops during your visit. Situated on the bayside of Puerto Princesa, this restaurant oozes warm comfort distinct from Filipino dining. It has an excellent food selection that highlights local seafood dishes that are freshly caught during the day. Their seafood platter is reasonably priced only at Php895. To get the full experience, be sure to order their famous dish, which is the fresh Seafood Platter, which is an excellent assortment of seafood delights (fish, crab, mussels, squid, shrimps, and seafood lumpia). 

e.) Captain Ribs Grill Restaurant and Bar 

If you are a fan of grilled meat and ribs generously slathered in delicious and savory Filipino sauces, then you should never miss dining at Captain Ribs. The restaurant is the place of choice for everyone who loves all things grilled. While the restaurant has plenty of other dishes on its menu, its main highlight is meat. In fact, they are quite well-known for the quality of their meat, and a number of locals dine here regularly, which is a true testament to their good food. So, if you wish to enjoy a rack of ribs or a plate of grilled meat to pair with a cold bottle of beer, head on over to Captain Ribs Grill Restaurant and Bar. 

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