How to plan your travel itinerary online

google maps travel itinerary planning step 4

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere. You may have read a lot of articles about digital detox, but to be honest, we really can’t live without technology anymore. Let’s make use of them to make our lives easier, shall we? In our own travels, we make use of a lot of technology – there’s Waze […]

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Mt. Batolusong Day Hike

Mt. Batolusong Camping Grounds

Summer is just around the corner. While the season means beach escapades for most people,  I, on the other hand, started buying camping stuff online in preparation for my kind of summer.  I wanted to camp, so I began researching for places to camp in the Philippines. My research online led me to this post […]

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21-Day Itinerary France – under $2,200 per head

Sometime around August of 2017, me and my partner decided to visit France. We booked the ticket on the same day and off to Paris we go. Our trip was from October 15 to November 5. We had about 21 days to go around and went from Paris to south of France with a side visit to Monaco.

In this post, I will list in detail our itinerary. Within the following days, i will post pictures from each location and write a more detailed post about each location, share with you what we brought with us, problems encountered, etc.

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