3 Secret Campsites in Tanay you probably didn’t know about

Tanay, Rizal – Its lush green mountain range and crystal clear river is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Being a 4×4 and hiking enthusiast, we crave for out of the beaten paths and campsites with little to no people.

If you’ve been Tanay, you’ve probably been to Treasure Mountain either to camp or to watch the sea of clouds. As most would know, the camp site is now like the 168 of campsites with flocks of campers (mostly newbies) go. If you want the same experience but without the crowd, stock up on camping gear in the Philippines and give these campsites near Manila a try:

1. WK Forest Reserve and Campgrounds (Sta Ines, Tanay, Rizal) – 1.5 hrs from Manila

The campsite is accessible by high clearance vehicles, 4×4 and motorcycles. As you have to cross 7-9 rivers to get to the site and drive a 500m uphill technical 4×4 terrain to reach the main campsite, this is probably the most serene campsite you go to if you want to really enjoy nature and its sound. The campsite is in the middle of a forested mountain. You won’t even know there is something there. There are no signs to WK Forest Camp since the owners do not allow walk-ins. You may book the site in advance and they will give you instructions on how to go there. The camp site has a clean modern toilet with bidet and an outdoor bathing area. You can choose from an open campsite, forested camp or camp with mountain range and river view.

2. Camp Reynon (Tinucan, Tanay, Rizal) (1.2 hrs from Manila)

Camp Reynon - Camp site in tinucan, tanay rizal

Easily accessible by high clearance vehicles, if you want to camp beside the river, this is the place to go. They offer a basic outhouse, bonfire pit and a private access to the clean Tanay river. They have a smaller campsite and can be found in the small town of Tinucan, 2 kms away from WK Forest Camp.

More photos of Camp Reynon:

3. Jungle Base (Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal) (2 hrs from Manila)

Jungle Base camp site in Daraitan, Tanay

Known for its 4×4 training, Jungle Base can only be accessed by a 4×4 especially during wet season. They offer basic toilet, a function hall and camping beside the Daraitan River. They also offer firing range and technical 4×4 training. 

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