The Ultimate Guide for First-time Campers

ultimate guide for first-time campers

Camping has always been regarded as an exciting outdoor activity by many. Even the most urbane of creatures would get that incessant urge to get out of the city and explore the great outdoors, take in the picturesque scenery and gain a better appreciation for nature. After all, while living in the city keeps us […]

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WK Adventures: A Take on Astrophotography

As avid travelers and intrepid adventurers, it is only inevitable for WK Adventures to dedicate a few blog posts to Astrophotography. With the blog website’s dedication to nature and the bloggers’ affinity for outdoor activities, astrophotography touches a unique aspect in camping that incorporates aspects of nature as well as outdoor activities. However, this is […]

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The Best Decathlon Camping Gears in the Philippines

By now, we are all aware that having the right gear for a camping excursion is paramount. If you have been itching to go camping anytime soon, know that packing the right camping equipment can mean the difference between a smooth, comfortable camping experience and one that can potentially go awry. In this regard, you […]

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